6 DIY Ways to Dress Like Miley Cyrus for Halloween (Sans Her VMA Look)

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You know Halloween’s gonna be swarming with people imitating Miley Cyrus‘ scantily clad outfit from the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards stage. (Either the bear leotard or nude vinyl two-piece.) But why go with the flow? Instead, we came up with six other ways you can impersonate the 20-year-old singer, including (more PG/PG-13-rated) copies of her styles from “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop.” Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: We Can't Stop Music Video

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: 2013 VMAs Red Carpet

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: 23 Music Video

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: Wrecking Ball

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: Hannah Montana

DIY Miley Cyrus Costume: Real & True Music Video

Dress Like Your Fave YA Heroines for Halloween

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  • amiee

    I think she is absolutely fucking stunning !! .. I went as her for Halloween and I looked cute as fuck !! 😀 xo

  • Ashley

    Foreal, Like Come On.. Please Put Some Damn Clothes On Girl.. Nobody But A Pervert Wants 2 See Your Body.. ! But, Your Fans Don’t Want 2 See This ! Btw.. I’m A Fan Of You && Honest Truth From Your Own Fan I Don’t Want 2 See This.. I Want 2 See You Respect Your Body.. ! Okay. Don’t Take This Offense I’m Just Letting You Know The Truth.. ! Love Ya, Miley.

  • kelly

    shes freaky.

  • Sammy

    Ew! I’m not dressing like a sl**!

  • Marie

    For the last one is only shows the glitter and no clothes. I don’t think anyone is going to cover themselves only in glitter and walk around basically naked…besides Miley, of course