10 Attention-Seeking Celebs Who Deleted Their Twitters

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On late Wednesday, after break up rumors had been looming for the last few days, millions of fans discovered that The Jonas Brothers had (GASP!) deleted their Twitter account. Many are devastated, as this act only further perpetuates the possibility of a split. But let's not forget, the JoBros are LITERALLY brothers, so it's not like they're never going to speak again or anything.

However, this little Twitter-account-deleting-thing just makes us think this was was just a move to get people talking. Not a bad idea since people are, ya know, talking about them now.

The JoBros are definitely not the first celebs to delete their Twitter account — and they certainly won't be the last. From Miley Cyrus who deleted her account a couple of years ago, to Kanye West, we rounded up some celebs who decided to get rid of their Twitter accounts at one point or another. (SPOILER: a majority of them eventually returned, which pretty much shows us it was all for the attention.)

Check them out for yourself below! Do you think celebs delete their Twitter for attention? Or do you think there is some other reason? Sound off in the comments!

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes joined Twitter back in 2010, where she began to show small hints of her interesting tweeting ways. First, she announced her retirement, then unretired, then deleted her account all together in September 2010. She made her triumphant return in January 2013.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was first known on Twitter as @mechanicaldummy, and deleted his account in 2009 after accusing stores of "blackballing" his album Graffiti. However, he returned a short time later as just @chrisbrown, but that hasn't stopped the drama, as many of his followers have a tendency to tweet out death threats to anyone who disses him.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was one of the first celebrities to embrace Twitter, and deleted her account back in October 2009 at the encouragement of her then BF Liam Hemsworth. It's safe to assume you know she's back...and wilder than ever.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Nicki Minaj

The "Super Bass" singer deleted her account back in April 2012 after some fan sites leaked her new music. Eventually she had a change of heart and returned to Twitter.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Jamie Campbell Bower

In October 2013, Jamie Campbell Bower deleted his Twitter account due to hackers, but promptly returned (seriously, it had only been deleted for a day) thanks to the "support" his fans were showing him. Photo Credit: Twitter

Kanye West

Back in 2009, a @kanyewest Twitter account existed, but Kanye claimed it wasn't his so it was deleted about a year later. However, Kanye eventually embraced the particular form of social media, and has a tendency to go on Twitter rants. Also, Kanye is notorious for deleting tweets themselves, not so much his account.

Photo Credit: Wenn

John Mayer

Looks like his stupid mouth got him in trouble, because back in Septmeber 2010, singer John Mayer got rid of the social media account under @johncmayer. However, his reps claimed the abrupt exit was due to focusing on new music. He's back now as just @johnmayer.

Photo Credit: Wenn

The Jonas Brothers

In October 2013, rumors of a Jonas Brothers break up have been swirling for the past couple of weeks, but their deleting of their Twitter account has only sparked more controversy. No word yet on if/when they'll return.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Zayn Malik

In August 2012, Zayn Malik of One Direction got rid of his Twitter account due to an overwhelming amount of negativity, but eventually returned.

Photo Credit: Instagramr

Demi Lovato

Back in October 2010, Demi Lovato deleted her Twitter among rumors she was dating Justin Bieber, but then eventually returned.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  • April

    Calling any of these celebrities attention-seeking because of the deletion of Twitter accounts is unwarranted. If you don’t feel comfortable in an environment and can remove yourself from it, go ahead and take yourself out of there. Honestly, this is reminiscent of those old Facebook fights during which people would post, “Ha, guess who blocked me! What a wimp!” or a status of the kind. No, they’re not a wimp. They didn’t want to be subject to the behavior of those around them. And of course Demi Lovato would delete her account in 2010. That’s the year her life was publicly the most difficult, aka the year she went into rehab.

  • Osho

    Whoa now, leave Jamie ALONE, it was becuase of hackers that he left

  • Mikayla

    This is actually really ignorant and rude. These celebrities are people. They get hate and that’s why the majority of them deleted. Like Zayn was called a //terrorist// and harrassed because of his religion constantly. He came back because of his fans. If you had people calling you terrible things over Twitter wouldn’t you delete?? Yeah. You probably would. And if people said it was for attention?? Dont pretend you know why they deleted their accounts because you dont.

  • Kim

    Dont hate on Jamie, it was becuase of hackers….

  • Kristen

    Whoa now, leave Demi and Jamie ALONE.

  • JO

    That’s just ridiculous to say they deleted their twitters for attention- you don’t know their reasoning behind it, maybe they genuinely wanted to get rid of it and changed their mind. Honestly, just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean that everything they do is for attention. They’re humans too. Every situation is different and unless they actually came out and said they did it for attention, you’re merely being judgmental.

  • Ariel

    Demi didn’t delete her twitter because of dating rumors, she was definitely in treatment…last time I checked health comes before social media..

  • Helene

    To put Demi on that list is kinda mean. She deleted her twitter to focus on her health when she entered treatment

  • Sammy

    Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus are crack heads.