8 Times Daniel Radcliffe Proved He’s Secretly the Funniest Person Alive

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Obviously, Daniel Radcliffe has got the whole “serious” actor thing down, but the true sign of a great thespian? They can make you laugh just has hard as they make you cry! Case in point? Dan Rad and his many, many hilarious interviews.

Recently, while promoting his upcoming indie flick Kill Your Darlings, he stopped by London’s Capital Breakfast Show, where he proceeded to have his bum played like a pair of bongos. Yes, you read that right. One of the show’s hosts mentioned that rapper Nelly brought this (talent?) along during a visit, and she’s been doing it to their guests ever since.

This got us thinking about all the other hilarious interviews Daniel has done over the years. While there are plenty to choose from, we narrowed it down to the top 10! Check them out (including the butt bongos) below!

1. Butt Bongos:
Daniel gets his butt played like an instrument. At one point he says, “This is better for me than you could possibly imagine.”

2. American Talk with MTV’s Josh Horowitz:
In which Daniel and his Harry Potter co-stars are forced to say “American” things in an American accent.

3. I Am Harry Potter:
In an interview with Judd Apatow, Daniel confesses that he IS Harry Potter.

4. Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert:
Dan is super gracious with the host brings up Harry Potter, reveals he used to give his toys American accents when he was little, and says he could beat up Elijah Wood.

5. Harry Potter Q&A
Tells the interviewer he’ll kill him if he gets called Danny, and talks (in detail) about his underwear.

6. Another interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz.
He talks about losing out on Christian Grey AND his Katy Perry crush.

7. Stopping by Anderson.
Daniel jokes about his pale skin.

8. How to Be Daniel Radcliffe.
Ever wondered what a day in the life of Dan Rad is like? Wonder no more!

What do you think of Dan’s funniest moments? Do you agree? Or are we missing your fave? Sound off in the comments section!

Will Daniel return for the Harry Potter spin-off? He says…

This ‘Harry Potter’ Proposal Is Awesome

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13 Responses to "8 Times Daniel Radcliffe Proved He’s Secretly the Funniest Person Alive"

  1. Teen.com
    byeworld says:


  2. Teen.com
    :D says:

    LMFAO “I have to thank all of my fans” *approaches window* THANK YOU!”

  3. Teen.com
    Oppa says:


  4. Teen.com
    Lina says:

    You forgot the “Daniel Radcliffe sings the elements song”

  5. Teen.com
    Isabela says:

    I almost fell asleep watching these videos. He is funny, but oh god, sooo boring videos

  6. Teen.com
    Not Fucking Taylor Lautcunt says:

    Why are these comment icons of Taylor Lautner?

  7. Teen.com
    Ruin says:

    You forgot:
    His stint as a one-time host on Britain’s ‘Have I Got News For You’.
    That one time when he made six months’ worth of paparazzi photos worthless by wearing the same coat and hat and shirt everyday, so they appeared to have all been taken on the same day.
    His episode in TV series ‘Extras’, in which he plays a far more perverse version of himself (antics include chatting up a woman and telling his mother she was pressuring him to smoke within the space of ten minutes, and flicking a condom onto an old woman’s head (he could have it back as long as he could say it’s technical name)).
    His role as Edmund, the Edward Cullen pastiche, in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror XXI. (‘Let us fly through the air like a bat does… by jumping!’)

    But, you’re right; for a serious actor, he is one of those singularly funny people.

  8. Teen.com
    Shobi says:

    I can’t believe he won’t go on Harry Potter!! I mean we all miss him and want him to come back!!

    • Teen.com
      Shena says:

      He didn’t say that, that’s just the media always distorting everything celebrities say. He just said he would be too young to play a 34 years old Harry, which is Harry’s age in the lastest short story written by Jo Rowlling, when asked if he would play that part. Which is senseless, because it was just a short story, there is not a new movie to play the character in.

  9. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    I miss Harry Potter!

  10. Teen.com
    Lisa says:

    You forgot his hilarious kickstarter campaign with Dane Dehann and Josh Horowitz

  11. Teen.com
    Lisa says:

    You forgot to mention his hilarious kickstarter campaign with Dane Dehaan and Josh Horowitz

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