Fangirl Goods! 10 Divergent-Inspired Products to Geek Out About

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It’s the week of Allegiant, guys! That means that Veronica Roth‘s book series will reach its long-awaited conclusion. But, just because the novels are ending doesn’t mean you still can’t geek out over all things Divergent

Reason #1, there are still the films to look forward to — March 21, here we come! Reason #2, there’s, like, a bajillion Divergent-inspired accessories you can get your hands on! We know we showed you all the best Etsy products for the book-turned-film over a year ago, but now there’s plenty of other treats to go around. Peruse the gallery to see some of our top picks, and make sure to join the conversation in the comments below, or on our Divergent message board!

Divergent Dauntless Apron

Fear is no longer allowed in the kitchen when you've got the Dauntless apron hanging over your neck/around your waist. BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Team FourTris Beach Tote

Because who wouldn't want to go to the beach being constantly reminded of one of the greatest literary twosomes ever? Team FourTris, FTW! BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Words Classic Thong

Okay, so we don't know who would buy this exactly, but it's funny. SEE IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent iPhone Case

Four's words are now immortalized for your constant viewing pleasure. BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Amity Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If having a gentle nature is more your thing rather than bravery, then perhaps you should quench your thirst with a water bottle built for the people of Amity. BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Amity Earrings

Or you could always wear your dedication to Veronica Roth's series around your face. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Photo: Divergent Trilogy Fan Page

Divergent Dauntless Mug

A cup o' Joe in the morning is now that much better with one of the most infamous quotes from the novel. BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Faction Press-On Tattoos

Go total Tobias and rock 'em all on your back! (Don't worry, Mom & Dad — they wash off... eventually.) FIND IT HERE!

Photo: Etsy

Divergent Dauntless/Four iPad Mini Case

It's like sporting your boyfriend's jersey. Only instead of wearing it, it'd be on your iPad, and instead of your boyfriend, it'd be your fake boyfriend from one of your fave books. Same thing really. BUY IT HERE!

Photo: Cafe Press

Divergent Nail Art

True dedication here, Initiates. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Photo: Deviant Art (rorabi)

Quiz: Which Divergent Faction Do You Belong In?

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  • Kim

    All those items are awesome and Allegiant is AMAZING!!!!! But the thong? Reall? Why? WHY? it just make no sense…….

  • divergentyeah


  • Rosie

    A thong? That’s totally not kinda super weird to promote on this site…

  • Sammy

    I would never wear that thong.

  • Ally

    The underwear’s a little awkward…