Unpopular Opinion: What’s the Deal With Benedict Cumberbatch?

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First of all, let me preface this by saying I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a super cool name, he has a great smile, and from what I've gathered in my research thus far, he seems like he'd be a very nice person IRL. That said — I just don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with him.

That's right, I'm taking a stand, and speaking out on my confusion surrounding the Benedict Cumberbatch craze. In case you've never heard of him,  he's been acting for quite some time, but started to gain major popularity back in 2010 by starring in the British series Sherlock, as the sleuth-y title character.


Although, even before his Sherlock role, he appeared in a number of supporting roles on the big screen in films such as Atonement and The Other Boleyn Girl. Then, slowly but surely, he started to gain bigger roles in more high-profile films including Steven Spielberg's 2011 movie War Horse, and even voiced the Dragon in 2012's The Hobbit.

However, some  of his biggest roles to date are all being released this year, which is just creating further buzz around him. Here's a list of his 2013 projects for your reference:


Star Trek Into Darkness – Khan
12 Years a Slave – Ford
August: Osage County – 'Little' Charles Aiken
The Fifth Estate – Julian Assange
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Smaug / The Necromancer

Now, a lot of actors would be lucky to have five movies released in one year, but these are all pretty big flicks. In addition to Star Trek Into Darkness making over $467 MILLION dollars at the box office, 12 Years a Slave and August: Osage Country are getting some MAJOR Oscar buzz.

However, it doesn't look like everyone is in a love affair with Benedict, as his WikiLeaks-based movie The Fifth Eastate seriously bombed at the box office, having the WORST opening weekend of the entire year. Ouch. However, his performance as government whistle blower Julian Assange did garner some rave reviews. (Advantage: Cumberbatch.)


This all pretty much leads me to the point I'm trying to make. Why is everyone so obsessed with him? To me, he just seems like a regular guy who is starring in some good movies — what's the big deal?

In fact, despite what I gather as a normal vibe, he has one of the most dedicated fan bases out there (they refer to themselves as Cumber-b*tches), and are lethal on those who question him. (If there are any out there reading this, please, don't be too harsh on me.) There are hundreds, upon hundreds of Tumblrs dedicated to him and the many characters he's played in addition to interview GIFs of him.

I'm really trying to understand the fascination with him, so if someone could please explain it to me, that would be great. Thanks!

See what else Benedict is up to…

The Best (& Worst) Advice From Superheroes

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  • Gabriela Jessica

    Well i can also ask the same thing about justin bieber he was or still popular. Many people obsessed about him despite him being a complete moron. Or maybe about book series like harry potter or maybe twilight series that makes me want to puke. Everyone has their own taste. You like or even obsessed about someone or something that I don’t and i won’t get it, because i am not you simple.

  • Juli

    Well, to tell the truth, I dont really get it either. all my friends are obsessed with him, and I cant deem why. He is a great actor and I love his movies, or at least the ones i have seen, which is like one. (and his audios, I listen to Cabin Pressure) but hes really nothing to hype over. He is just a actor who has an accent and is getting a lot of hype at the moment. I dunno. I swear, sometimes I just want to strangle those little Cumberbitches.

  • Juli

    Well, to tell the truth, I dont really get it either. all my friends are obsessed with him, and i cant deem why. He is a great actor and I love his movies (and audios, I listen to Cabin Pressure) but hes really nothing to hype over. He is just a actor who has an accent and is getting a lot of hype at the moment. I dunno. I swear, sometimes I just want to strangle those little cumberbitches.

  • michelle naveed

    You wanna know what’s there to get obsessed over a guy with the funny name? Let me tell you.His eyes Let’s face it: those blue-green-gold eyes can be kind of creepy,depending on the light.But,then his eyes are super sexy…Cheekbones:In the words of Sherlock’s Irene Adler, “I could cut myself slapping that face. Would you like me to try?” Yes, yes, we would. His face looks like it’s chiseled out of marble.The mouth,the voice,the smile,the way of dressing,the love for his fans,the acting chops,sense of humor,the humbleness,the Brain,the nerd-ness <3 so this is BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH …I am sooo obsessed with him after watching Sherlock OMG it's heaven…apparently! I am Cumbercollective.

  • michelle

    You sound like you haven’t seen Sherlock….

  • Aurora

    My reply to the question “What’s the big deal about Benedict Cumberbatch ?” I think the real appeal to me at least is the fact he comes off as a genuine person , who doesn’t believe that he’s better than anybody out here in the big ole world. He has a way with people that makes them feel like he values them as a person . Not that he’s an actor who is doing all these great roles and his shit doesn’t stink. I think he is a very caring individual who is about current issues going on in the world. Yes, Sherlock made him really noticed , but it just opened a door for us to see a great actor, person and man that he is , his charming personally makes him more attractive to us women out here . I will tell you from experience , that you can be the most attractive person on the planet , but if you suck as a person nobody is really going to care except the people who just like the view , instead of whats inside . Benedict personality makes him more attractive , he himself would say he’s slightly odd looking. But his personality makes him all the better looking , he does have beautiful eyes and a great smile.So I guess i see the attraction he has :)

  • Tania

    “What is the deal with Benedict Cumberbatch?”

    That’s a rhetorical question right? I could think of no other more attractive and sexy human being alive other than David Tennant 😀 and maybe Orlando Bloom… but anyway, Benedict Cumberbatch is a trap which you will fall into if you start watching Sherlock BBC. You won’t be able to go back…

  • Raina

    You have to watch Sherlock. That’s pretty much where the fascination started with him. If you do, you’ll see that it’s (arguably) one of the best shows ever. And that’s because of Benedict and his talent. He not only is an awesomel guy IRL (in interviews and stuff), but he is one of the most talented guys in the industry today. And I personally think he is VERY attractive, but ya know, that’s just me 😛

  • Sarah Cooper

    Benedict Cumberbatch. The only explanation needed.

  • Anon

    – I love his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. This man is very talented, he did a great job portraying Stephen Hawking.
    – He’s pretty attractive.
    – He’s very down to earth and he makes me laugh sometimes
    I thought his fanbase is called Cumbercollective…

  • Tia

    Well, he’s not the most attractive person in the world. I like him because he has great acting skills and his values and beliefs and opinions are quite attractive.

  • Sammy

    Idk who this is.

  • Benny

    Well he isn’t cocky, he sounds really down to earth and he takes selfies with fans on the red carpet. Unlike other stars, he seems to really care for his fans((not saying others don’t care)) but he even wants to call us the cumbercollective rather than cumberb*tches because he thinks that it degrades women(-:
    I don’t know how to explain it, but we just like him. its okay if you don’t share the same feelings(-: seriously though, everyone has different opinions✿

  • Trisforce

    I am a ‘Cumberb-tch’ but I don’t have an /obsession/ with him. Honestly. He’s a pretty chill guy but I’ve never and will never have an obsession with him. It’s probably the whole Johnlock thing. (I ship Johnlock but not an obsession…)

  • xmarisolx (@brieflydexter)

    The man is just brilliant. You said don’t be too harsh on you, so I won’t, but if you can’t see it I really don’t know what to tell you.


  • kitty

    Go watch the BBC Sherlock series. If you don’t get it after that, you never will.

  • emma

    omg benny <3

  • Clara

    seriously nobody needs to question why people love benny if you don’t keep it to yourself

    • Trish

      It’s a genuine question and it’s called having an opinion. If you can’t handle other people having opinions then you cannot handle the real world.

  • Cumberfan

    So poor. Why ask people to justify their likes? Why does one like orange juice? It’s just tasty. And a vast number of his fans ave nothing to do with the Cumberb*tch phrase and find it vile. He is Emmy and Bafta nominated. He’s on the cover of Time. He’s voted sexiest movie star alive. He’s involved in several charities and he and hus fans have raised thousands. He’s talented, gorgeous and most importantly a thoroughly decent human being. Simple. If you don’t ‘get it’ I’d suggest that’s more about you being woefully out of touch. You don’t have to feel it, but the evidence of what he’s got is clear.

  • C90

    I was the same way, then I watched “Sherlock” and well I get what the “Cumberb*tches” see.

    He’s not your typical buff guy, not the “classic good looks” but the way he handles himself is amazing. He seems like a really nice guy, like a regular Joe. And for me that screams “Attractive.”

    Maybe his appeal isn’t for everyone…

  • Karerencia

    I started to be obsessed with him the last year because 1.- he’s freaking sherlock holmes and he’s great on it 2.- at first I saw him and thought: ew he’s not good looking at all!! but when I started to watch Sherlock I realized how EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL HE IS, and how great actor he is, and how hot he is… 3.- I joined the fanbase and I realized how HUMBLE he is! I mean! he’s a freaking gentleman (you know Tom Hiddleston right? JUST LIKE HIM) he’s super nice with his fans and with everyone in this world. AND FINALLY 4.- BECAUSE HE’S SUPER HOT (did I say that already??)
    I’m not in the fanbase anymore, just because i’m not in ANY fanbase already, but I gotta tell you.. EVERY opportunity i’ll have, i’m gonna tell the world how awesome THIS guy is :)

    ps: forgive my english please, i’m Chilean hehe

  • C90

    I was the same way, then I sat down and watched “Sherlock” and well I get what the “Cumberb*tches” see…

    I think it’s great. He’s not your typical buff guy, not the “classic good looks,” it depends on the attitude and how they carry themselves. He seems like a nice guy and I think that reflects on ppl finding him attractive.

  • rusher

    what the really fu