10 of the Top Fictional Frenemies on Television & in Movies

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On November 22, the world will be able to witness the relationship between Katniss and Finnick on the big screen for the first time in Catching Fire. But before you see what Teen Vogue refers to as “The Ultimate Frenemies,” portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin, in theaters, check out 10 of the top fictional frenemies that have entertained us over the years.

Glee: Sue and Will

Sue's self-professed mission every school year: "Destroy the glee club." Meanwhile, whenever she gets the chance to tear down Will's New Directions, she can't seem to go through with it. True frenemy-ship, right there.

Photo: FOX

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna and Mona

Considering Mona was on the 'A' Team (and tried to, you know, kill Hanna and the rest of the Little Liars), we don't know Hanna even puts up with her. Kick her to the curb, girl!

Photo: ABC Family

Frenemies: Halley and Avalon

Come on, the movie's called Frenemies. We just had to do it.

Photo: Disney Channel

The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Klaus

When Stefan turns into The Ripper, he and Klaus are practically one and the same. But once Stefan turns on his humanity switch, Klefan's no longer. Ouch.

Photo: The CW

Clueless: Amber and Cher

Honestly, we don't blame Cher for not building a full-blown friendship with Amber since she's probably one of the most annoying (faux) human beings on earth.

Photo: Paramount

Gossip Girl: Blair and Serena

From Episode 1 on, you know this BFF-dom wasn't built on trust. After all, Serena hooked up with Blair's BF and left town to avoid conflict. Drama right from the start.

Photo: The CW

The Lying Game: Sutton and Mads

Poor Mads. Although the show is now defunct, we will never forget Sutton and her scheming ways.

Photo: ABC Family

Mean Girls: The Plastics

Do we even need to explain? These girls are, like, the epitome of frenemies.

Photo: Paramount

Teen Wolf: Stiles and Derek

They're really only connected because of their separate relationships to Scott. Other than that, would they even interact? Probs not. But we're glad they do because their banter is fantastic.

Photo: MTV

Pretty Little Liars: Ali and Everyone

Clearly she doesn't trust anyone considering she's — SPOILER ALERT! — alive, but won't come out of hiding for very long. Even for her supposed best friends.

Photo: ABC Family

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