The 13 Best Halloween Party Decoration Hacks

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Last week, we told you the best Halloween party food hacks, but what’s a good Halloween party without some decorations? Yes, almost as fun as the Halloween party itself is decorating your house to be as festive as possible. Whether you take things the creepy route and try to scare the crap out of all your guests, or maybe you want to make things a bit more cutesy, we’ve got you covered.

To see 13 fun, easy, and creative ways you can make your Halloween party a hit, check out some of the best Halloween party decoration hacks below! These are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Bloody Candles

Basically, take a white candle, and pour red candle wax on them to make it look like they're dripping blood.

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Candy Corn Centerpieces

Take a glass container and spray paint it to look like candy corn. You can also add some actual candy corn to some small dishes, then add some ribbon, fake leaves, and small pumpkins to round out the centerpiece look.

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Bat Cutouts

Find any bat cut outs, and tape them sporadically around your house to add an extra creepy touch.

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Creepy (But Cute!) Mantle

Take a variety of Halloween related goodies -- pumpkin, witches hats, candles, etc -- and place them on your mantle to add a Halloween-y vibe to your living area.

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Halloween Wreath

Find some golden Christmas ornaments, and spray paint a few other round ornaments black. Then places them all together with a bow, and you've got yourself a Halloween wreath.

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Mousy Steps

Take mouse cutouts and place them on your stairs, then adorn those will small pumpkins and candles.

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Spider Candles

Carve out some small pumpkins just enough to add a small candle. Then, take some black piping and bend then so they appear similar to spider legs, and attach them to the pumpkin.

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Skeleton Escape Artists

Be careful trying this one at home, folks! Take two fake skeletons, and place them outside some windows in your home so it looks like they're trying to escape.

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Spider Eggs

Take a balloon an fill it up with a little water. Hang it from the ceiling, and add little plastic spiders around to make it look like you have spider eggs growing from your ceiling.

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Halloween Chic Mantle Display

Here's another cute example of a mantle display. Although this time it's a little more chic. Take a number of black, silver, and white accessories, placing them around your mantle. You can spray paint pumpkins, add snacks, and more.

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Vampire Pumpkins

Carve our smaller pumpkins, and add plastic vampire teeth to add a little something extra.

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Witch Legs

Take any long object such as PVC pipe, and dress them up with Halloween themed stockings. Then, place under your doormat.

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Witch Hats

Hang witches hats from your ceiling, and add a broom.

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