10 Times YouTubers Dropped Some Serious Wisdom

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YouTubers such as Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony certainly have a silly side, but don't let the jokes totally fool you. Every once in a while our fave YouTubers will drop a serious piece of wisdom that makes us stop and think.

Because everyone can use a little inspiration here and there, we thought we'd round up 10 times our fave YouTubers blessed us with some surprisingly intelligence. Preapre for your brain to be stimulated, and check them out for yourself below!

1. Lohanthony on self-acceptance.


2. Tyler Oakley on keeping it REAL.


3. PointlessBlog (aka Alfie) on the importance of sticking together.


4. Missglamorazzi on the importance of inner beauty.


5. Tyler Oakley on the importance of the truth.


6. Jim Chapman on allowing yourself to feel a bit nervous.


7. Kingsley on the importance of not letting the little things bother you.


8. Grace Helbig on the importance of thinking things through.


9. Jenna Marbles on the importance of starting every day with a smile.


10. And most important of all, always remember to…


Who is YOUR fave YouTuber? Sound off in the comments!

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  • angel rios

    i love tyler so much

  • Simeon Gates

    Of course Tyler Oakley gets two spots. #FABULOUS

  • Sammy

    Am I the only one who watches every single one of these Youtubers?

    • Eddie


  • Elin

    Tyler Oakley…WHY IS HE NOT MY BFF!?!…WHY!

  • Lucy

    Alfie <3