Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

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*The names of the individuals involved with this story have been changed as to not offend them if they ever end up reading this.

Let me start this off by saying I am 100% a die hard Disney fan through-and-through (I have a Disneyland Annual Pass for crying out loud!), but I have a confession to make — I don't like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Now, I think I can trace my distaste for this film all the way back to when I was a seventh grader back in 2000 (yes, I'm old). We had a substitute teacher in my "core" classes (English/History) since our regular teacher was on maternity leave. Mrs. Hardy* was taking over for the first three months of the school year, so naturally, she was our teacher around Halloween time. I was not the biggest fan of her as is, and she had an obsession with The Nightmare Before Christmas, leading our class to watch it multiple times.

For whatever reason, my 12-year-old self was just NOT into this movie (that turns 20 this year, BTW). And being made to watch it more than once? I was not having it. Ever since then, I haven't been able to let myself get into this movie. I also think the fact that I'm not the biggest Tim Burton fan might also have something to do with it. (Side note, while I appreciate the work he does — it's visually stunning — it's just not for me).

(Another side note to further display how old I am — Mrs. Hardy regaled us with a story about how we should be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on this newfangled technology called a "DVD" since it had "Making Of" segments and behind the scenes features.)

This movie SHOULD have everything Disney fans love — music, Holidays, etc., but I'm just not a fan. I will admit that I'm a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas/Haunted Mansion take over they do at Disneyland around Halloween and Christmas, so I guess it evens out?

What do YOU guys think? Are you with me? Or am I crazy for not liking this movie? Start the debate in the comments section!

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  • ME

    Not a big fan of the movie. I like it, yes! but i think what ruins it in that 80% of the people i know are die hard fans and its irritating to the point that i just dont care.

  • Deborah

    I think the movie is beautiful, I watched it tonight and kinda teared up with happiness. I absolutely love the animation and music, which is so much more sophisticated and unlike anything Disney. I’ve loved this movie since I was 6 years old, and my Mon thought ut was weird that I wanted to rent it every week from Blockbuster (“why does she like stuff with skeletons?”). I guess its all a matter of taste, but I can’t deny my love for this film. No, its not overrated.

  • Kelly

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO DEATH! I thought the Hunger Games and Twilight were boring as crap, but NMBC, is my all time FAVE!!! I LOVE creepy things like Corpse Bride and Coraline. I am surprised people don’t like this movie. Maybe it’s because it’s clay animation and takes years to create…

  • Sammy

    I was never into that movie.

    • Taylor

      you suck

  • Katie

    I TOTALLY agree!! People think I’m crazy but I just don’t like it. I like Tim Burton most of the time but Nightmare Before Christmas is just almost annoying.:/

  • Akemi

    I can totally see why NBC wouldn’t be liked. It is very overly hyped up. I do like it though, and I think it really is a matter of preference, and of course Tim Burton plays a massive part. I am a Tim Burton fan, so that probably factors in as to why I like NBC, I just like his style among other things. I think liking NBC is like liking the Twilight series, you either love it or hate, passionately.

  • Kaylee

    I really like The Nightmare Before Christmas. I like all Tim Burton films and I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan so The Nightmare Before Christmas is by far my favorite and I have never seen anything like it so I am fascinated by it. Tim Burton and his films are not for everyone so if you don’t like it then you don’t like it.

  • Megan

    Every time I sit down to try to watch that movie I fall asleep. I don’t think I will ever like it! Glad I’m not alone!!! 😀