15 Celebrities You Forgot (or Never Knew) Have Famous Parents

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Tumblr (mileyforever)

Tumblr (mileyforever)

It takes hard work to make it in the entertainment industry; and we bet it’s even tougher if you’re trying to make it on your own when your parents are already famous. True, it’s easier to find open doors, but it’s that much harder to step outside their shadows. For instance, Jaden and Willow Smith are both attempting careers in the biz, but it’ll be hard for them to surpass the popularity of dear ol’ Mom and Dad (Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, duh).

HOWEVER, there are a select few stars that are doing just that. Here are 15 celebrities you probably forgot (or never even knew) have celeb parents:

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Zoey Deutch

The actress may be a dead 'ringer' for her Back to the Future/Switched at Birth mama, Lea Thompson, but we'd say she's doing just fine even without that connection. Vampire Academy, anyone?

Photo: Instagram (@leakthompson)

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Max Irons

Somehow, even though they share the same last name, we didn't put it together that the star of The Host is Jeremy Irons' son until a recent magazine article profiled Max for The White Queen. (Psst, if you don't recognize Jeremy's face — which you should, but whatever — perhaps you'd recognize his thundering voice. He was Scar in The Lion King!)

Photo: Getty

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Zoe Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz's pride & joy is doing quite well sans her famous father's help. For one, she's dating Penn Badgley (as of September 2013, they're back together). She also was featured in a movie opposite Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class). Plus, she's about to star in what will be one of the biggest films of 2014, Divergent. NBD.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Redfoo

Don't let his lack of a last name (and fake first name) fool you. Stefan Gordy, or better known as the crazy-haired dude from LMFAO, has the genetic hook-up to the music industry; he's the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy!

Photo: Getty

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Lily Collins

You probably already knew this one, but we totally respect the Mortal Instruments actress' outlook on the biz. Despite her dad being the legendary Phil Collins, the actress prides herself on never asking him for help. She tells Glamour, "I always wanted to do it on my own. I never wanted anyone making phone calls. A name can open doors, but there's a quote I like: 'Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.'"

Photo: Getty

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Miley Cyrus

Again, it's no surprise that the singer has a famous dad. (Billy Ray Cyrus did star with her on Hannah Montana after all.) But she's definitely not living in his shadow. C'mon, did his "Achy Breaky Heart" ever reach the status of "Wrecking Ball?" Don't think so.

Photo: Instagram (@tishcyrus)

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Robin Thicke

As for MiCy's VMA 2013 performance partner, he's def doing well without his Growing Pains papa, Alan Thicke.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Emma Roberts

Not only has her dad, Eric Roberts, starred in, like, a bajillion things (including The Dark Knight), but her aunt is freaking Julia Roberts. Nevertheless, Emma's had her own Nickelodeon show, starred in movies with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Liam Hemsworth, and now she's on Ryan Murphy's super-successful American Horror Story. And she's still in her twenties. Can't top that.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Chris Pine

Best known for his role as Sgt. Joseph Getraer on CHiPs, Robert Pine's made a solid career for himself. And it looks like Chris is following in Dad's footsteps what with, most notably, the Star Trek franchise, and soon, Into the Woods.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Bryce Dallas Howard

BDH has a killer resume even after having a mini-role in director dad Ron Howard's Apollo 13 back in the day. She's got Spider-Man 3, Twilight: Eclipse and The Help under her belt (all without her father's cred), and she's even tapped for the upcoming Jurassic Park come 2015.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Jack Quaid

His first role was in The Hunger Games (as Marvel). Not too shabby for a guy who has to come out from the shadow of not one, but TWO famous parents: Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Rumer Willis

Likewise to Jack, Rumer's got the familial connection to the industry. Dad is Bruce Willis; Mom is Demi Moore. She's definitely a blend of both of 'em, facially, but on-screen, she's all on her own. On her list: 90210, Pretty Little Liars, The House Bunny — not too bad. Right, parents?

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Patrick Schwarzenegger

With that last name, no one will ever be able to forget that the cutie's the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but we love that he's trying to make a name for himself, starring in Grown Ups 2 and, most recently, Ariana Grande's "Right There" music video.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Nicole Richie

She had a bumpy introduction to the industry -- remember The Simple Life? Yikes -- but now, she's an accomplished author and fashion designer who made bohemian style mainstream. That's something Lionel Richie should be proud of.

Photo: WENN

Celebrities with Famous Parents: Troian Bellisario

Troian has to credit her pops for her introduction to fame. Her first film role (in Last Rites) and first TV gig (on Quantum Leap) both happened because Donald Bellisario was the creative head behind both! But we'd say she's doing well. She is on, like, the #1 teen show, Pretty Little Liars, after all.

Photo: Belisarius Productions

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