How (Some) 1D Fans Are Reacting to Liam Payne & Sophia Smith’s Split

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While a fair amount of One Direction fans were devastated to learn that Liam Payne split with long-time on-again/off-again girlfriend Danielle Peazer back in May of this year, it doesn't seem like many are heartbroken about the rumors that he and Sophia Smith called it quits.

During the premiere of One Direction: This Is Us, Liam introduced the world to his new squeeze. However, there was immediate backlash, especially from shippers of Payzer. He came to his woman's defense, spouting, "There is that old saying tho if you ain't got s*** nice to say then f*** you." Slowly, Directioners started accepting the relationship… until now that it's reportedly over:

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  • Nadhrah

    Yeah, I didn’t really like Sophia. But who cares? ITS LIAM’S LIFE. Let it be. He chooses what he want, not what the directioners want. Directioners should support him, instead of letting him feel so stressed and down. If this is what directioners are, they don’t deserve to be called directioners. Just give it a thought, Liam likes Sophia. So? Its not your life or mine. So, F*** OFF!!

    But still, I’m sorry for Liam. He didn’t deserve all the hurt. But don’t give up Liam! Soon, you’ll have a happy ending! Xx

  • Ashley

    I didn’t even know that they broke up plus, I don’t even ship Sophiam I just let them be same with Zerrie, Biall, Hendall, and Elounor. Because its not my job to judge them, they have their own lives so why interfere? If Liam’s sad, we all know he’s a strong guy so he’ll move on. And stop saying Payzer ’cause what’s done is done you can never bring back the past. Yes it was disappointing that Payzer broke up but seriously? If Liam moved on Directioners should too. I know I did. That’s when Sophiam came, not every Directioner shipped them but to be honest I didn’t give a f*** about their relationship I just (once again) let them be…

    That’s what Directioners should do just leave the boys alone with their lives, you’re like a Know It All if you interfere with their lives, you’re not anyone who can tell them what to do or judge them because its their god damn life you don’t have to always whine and complain about this shouldn’t be true or what not. To make it short, Directioners who have huge mouths and fingers should stfu because they’re not helping the boys (aside from the fan support) if they’re just gonna go ahead make theories, judge the boys opinions (even though it has been told that its theirs) like their opinion is true, and go @$S B**** mode -_- #leavethemalone

    • Nut

      I agree with ya 100%. They live their own life!!

  • Brooke

    thank the lord!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated Sophia Danielle is so much better for him but im the est for him!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahhhahahahhaahhahahahahaahahahaahaha

  • Naomi

    Well to be honest i don’t like Sophia….I never liked her as much as Denielle…or maybe i won’t ever….But atleast people shouldn’t have said words like that…after all it was Liam’s choice….but when i heard about the reason they broke up i really thought she was a slut…But I think I saw them together recently…so its kinda confusing

  • Sammy

    I didn’t even know he was dating someone.

  • Mary

    People are so stupid, he must be so devastated while obsessive fans are happy. In his life someday, he will get married anyways but not to the fans. People are completely weird and obsessive and it’s not fair to him neither her. People should just back off! People that tweeted this should feel ashamed of themselves!

    • C

      ^^^Totally right and I myself am a directioner, THIS is not AT ALL how I’d react! THIS is just MEAN! SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE.
      (plus, i’m not sure they really broke up.)

      • Cassie

        I wasn’t and still am not a big fan of Sophia, just for the fact that I felt she was using him. However, I accepted that he was dating her and that he was happy. Now I’M happy that they’re not dating. I will admit that. I’m really glad that he got out of that relationship if the cheating rumors are true. But, I still respect his feelings. I mean, some of the fans are being extremely rude about it.