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You’ve already taken the quiz to find out which YA novel you should read next (right??). So you’re probably looking for yet another young adult book to delve into after school. Fortunately, you can launch yourself into the new work’s by the newly-launched YA imprint, Blink.

All of the books via Blink display a positive reflection of today’s world and the issues teens face. Find out which one of its stories you should get your hands on courtesy of our mini-guide below:

If you love The Hunger Games and/or Divergent, you should read… Aquifer. Jonathan Friesen’s story is about a dystopian world where water is power, the control of people is complete, and a truth exists that the rulers will do anything to hide. But if you wanna know the main difference between Aquifer and the other post-apocalyptic reads, we can sum it up in one word: hope.



If you love Once Upon a Time (yes, the TV show), you should read… Doon. Just like the hit ABC series, Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon’s work takes you on a modern-day retelling of the fairy tale world. But, in a twist, in this particular land, two handsome princes vie for the heroines’ hearts, which may sound like a dream come true, but could turn out to be a nightmare.



If you love The Song of the Lioness, you should read Merlin’s Shadow, the second installment of the Merlin Spiral series. Robert Treskillard’s franchise is filled with adventure, as many other young reads, but includes the intrigue of royal legends.

Atheneum Books

Atheneum Books

If you love anything by Jodi Picoult or John Green, you should read… Running Lean. Diana Sharples’ novel is ideal for more in-depth readers as it tackles the destructive realities of a serious eating disorder, as well as the power of first love.

Dutton Books

Dutton Books

To learn more about the works from Blink, visit

This post written in partnership with Blink.

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  • Camila

    I highly recommend Volinette’s Song by Martin Hengst. I love her, and her story!!!

  • Anguhluh

    I’d also recommend Vampire Academy if you like strong female heroines, good writing, and things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It also has a movie adaption coming out Feb 2014

  • Sammy

    I’ve already read Divergent and it was amazing!