Steal Her Style! How to Dress Like Ariana Grande (on the Cheap)

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To nab Ariana Grande‘s look seems pretty simple really — work your hair into a half-up/half-down style (occasionally with a bow tied around the ponytail), wear a cutesy floral dress, and you’re good to go, right? Well, mostly. At least in regards to the tresses.

Fortunately, even without rocking one of the “Right There” singer’s signature dresses, you can still carry a similar style. Click through the gallery to find out how you can dress like Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande: MTV Movie Awards 2013

Click to purchase the floral tank top, white pleated skater skirt, silver slim Byzantine bracelet and/or nude pumps.

Ariana Grande: Katy Perry Concert

Click to purchase the strapless purple dress, teal peep-toe heels, red lipstick, silver bangles and/or pink bow headband.

Ariana Grande: Kids' Choice Awards 2013

Click to purchase the red tank top, light pink acid wash skater skirt, silver slim Byzantine bracelet and/or nude pumps.

Ariana Grande: The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show

Click to purchase the blue paisley peplum top, black (faux) leather leggings, black platform pumps and/or silver slim Byzantine bracelet.

Ariana Grande: Arthur Ashe Kids Day 2013

Click to purchase the periwinkle spaghetti-strapped tank top, dark wash jeggings, perwinkle nail polish and/or nude pumps.

Ariana Grande: Sushi Samba Date

Click to purchase the houndstooth plaid coat, pastel pink mesh dress, pastel pink pumps and/or off-white knit beret.

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  • Jackie

    I love Ari’s style and I’m gonna wear it to school tomorrow :)

  • Ariana Grande

    I love you all!! And maybe one day I Will make a clothes line for my loves xoxoxo always ariana

  • Samyiah

    I love Ariana Grande and I’m only 13 and I have a poster of you and can you make outfits, earrings, bracelets, necklaces for teenagers and little kids too. I love your style and I love your songs too. Send the stuff to stores like Walmart, Target, The South County Mall, Forever 21, Oh and hats too to those stores and make the prices less too please We love you and your e always in our hearts

  • christine

    ariana i luv ur styles and dresses and keep it up

  • ariana

    Ariana Grande has some haters out their.but I’m not a hater I’m her ultimate fan.

  • cheyanne McLaren

    Do not spread hate to others love others so they can love you

  • daphne warjri

    I luv ariana she is very snazzy n cute especially her hair yewww drivin me crazy wish i could meet her smday

  • Jessica

    Ariana’s style is so nice:).
    Where do u get the dresses?

    • Stephanie davis

      Where do we get Ariana grande clothes from

  • Ariana Grande

    Look ur not Ariana grande and neither am I u can just say who ur being

  • Bella

    I love ariana style

  • Frankie

    Stay sassy! Xo

  • Ariana Grande

    i love all of my fans.

    • Carly

      We love you to ari

    • Ni Nade Swagg

      You are no Ariana FAKER! NO WAIT ACTULLY YOUR A B****

    • aliah

      this totally helped i love ari

  • Ariana grande

    I love my style…

  • Sammy

    I absolutely love Ariana’s style!