What the World Would Be Like Without Miley Cyrus

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Whether or not you appreciate Miley Cyrus and her livelihood, you've gotta admit, the entertainment industry would be a far less… controversial place without her in it. You saw what it was like without her on Teen.com — on that note, should we bring back #MileyMute? — but now, let's imagine what the world would be like without the "We Can't Stop" singer all together…

We'd never have heard 'say what?' so much. Thanks, Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana Say What

Hannah Montana Say What

Hannah Montana Say What

Hannah Montana Say What

And, of course, this catchphrase would never have been invented:
Miley Cyrus Sweet Niblets GIF

Pole-dancing would've never found its way to the Teen Choice Awards.

We Heart It

Liam Hemsworth may've not become LIAM HEMSWORTH. We know he's hot and all, and the world would suck without him, but would we have started caring about him in the first place if he didn't date MiCy? Eh.


It would've been a lot easier to 'tame' teens.

LiveJournal (lienvo64)

Haircuts wouldn't make BREAKING NEWS headlines (unless Justin Bieber got one, maybe).

Beauty High

Tongues would not have as much airtime.

Tumblr (teendotcom) MTV My BS

Students would not get suspended from school for twerking.


…or for riding campus monuments like wrecking balls.

Culture Lollipop

And children and parents alike would not react like this:


Let's talk about Miley Cyrus' 2014 Bangerz tour!

New Game! Play 'Who Said It?' with Miley Cyrus

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  • sodonewithuppl

    Look people, you don’t like Miley, ok, nobody is forcing you to like her, read about her, watch her vids. NOBODY is saying you have to do it, so don’t do it. She twerked, so does the rest of the nation, showing tougn, ppl were doing that waaay befor her, hair styels(its coled styel for a fucking reason you pabos) fashion, beleched her eyebrows, everybody does it. So shutup and get on with ur life, let Miley be MILEY, because she obviously doesn’t care what you’ll are saying or thinking about her. Hate all you want, critcice all the fucking damn you want, but in the end, nobody really cares.

  • ISpeakMyMind-You?

    Nothing. That’s what we’d be missing. Except maybe some new ideas for twerking.

  • moha

    miley is getting help from people so people stop posting stuff if u know u going to hurt someone that likes miley

  • Genesis

    Miley is just doing all this to get fame duhhhhhj

    • s007399hyuna

      it worked right? can you say the same for yourself! :) Peaceout.

  • iyania

    miley crazy ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I wonder what her parents say

    • sabrina moha

      hey iyania do u know wht miley’s dad said.He said tht she can be anything but she is always welcome to his house.

  • Jalisa

    Hahaha he got tired of her !

  • Elly


  • Jamie

    I totally agree!

  • vicky

    I love teen.com! I really like all the posts!

  • Anon

    Honestly one person can’t change the world that much. If it bothers you don’t read about it or watch it, it’s not that hard. There’s no reason one person living the life the way they want to should affect your life that much, and if it does maybe you need to change the way you’re living. If its not Miley its always going to be someone else. The fact that society is obsessing over what she does is our own fault, not hers.

  • Elly


  • Sammy

    It would be a better place!