10 Movie Characters We Wish Guys Would Be Like IRL

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Sigh. Why can’t guys in real life be like guys in the movies? That’s a question we find we ask ourselves just about everyday. While we know movies aren’t anything like real life, wouldn’t that be cool if they were?

For example, wouldn’t it be amazing if guys everywhere started acted like Jesse from Pitch Perfect? Being all adorable and cute? Or maybe you’d meet a bad boy with a softer side who actually changes for the better like Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You?

Either way, we rounded up 10 movie character who we wish guys would act like IRL. Check them out for yourself below! Who is your fave? Or is there someone we left out? Tell us in the comments section!

1. Woodchuck Todd from Easy A

Come on, how cute was he in this movie? We'd date him based on his one-liners alone."See you in the salt mines." "Stay excellent." But of course, it was his faith in Olive that really made us swoon.

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2. Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You

Patrick is the perfect example of a misunderstood bad boy. Sure, he didn't have the best intentions when he started pursuing Kat, but he ended up falling for her anyways. Oh, and 1 MILLION bonus points for the "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" serenade.

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3. Duke Orsino from She's The Man

In addition to looking AMAZING shirtless, Duke isn't afraid to open up about his feelings even with his guy friends (even though it was really a girl). And even though he ends up with Viola, you have to admit his puppy dog crush on Olivia is just the cutest.


4. Troy Bolton from High School Musical

Troy goes through such a journey during the HSM trilogy. He starts off being the big man on campus, and is too scared to really pursue his love of music. However, everything changes when he meets Gabriella. He shows the school that you shouldn't be afraid to show your true colors. What a visionary!


5. Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls

OK, yes, technically Aaron Samuels cheated on Regina George, but she was an AWFUL GF. Despite that little hiccup, he's a guy who knows how to communicate his feelings. For example: when he invites Cady to the Halloween party, he tells her not to bring a guy. A man who knows what he wants!


6. Jesse from Pitch Perfect

Maybe Jesse came on a little strong for Beca at first, but his courtship was undeniably adorable. Gotta love a guy with persistence (that isn't a total creep).


7. Cliff from Bring It On

Cliff has a bit of an alternative edge -- he plays the guitar! -- but you can totally tell he has a sweet side. Hello, he wrote a song for Torrance called "You're Just What I Need." Does it get any cuter than that?


8. Cameron from 10 Things I Hate About You

We know someone else from 10 Things I Hate About You already made the list, but both of them deserve a spot. For example, Cameron learns French just so he can hang out with Bianca! That's dedication.

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9. Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles

Sure, Jake Ryan is the most popular guy in school and can date any girl he wants, but he finds himself intrigued by outsider Samantha. The scene where he tracks down her sister's wedding and is waiting outside the church? Iconic.


10. The Nicohlas Sparks Guys

Between Noah from The Notebook, Landon from A Walk to Remember, and Leo from The Vow, every guy should take notes when watching a Nicholas Sparks flick.

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  • elayda

    leo from the vow is Channing Tatum; NOT Liam Hemsworth…

  • Valerie

    this is ironic since my drama teacher literally looks and acts exactly like Jesse (Skylar Astin)!!!! :p

  • miriam

    jesse <3

  • Jasmine

    awkward moment when they think the vow is a Nicholas sparks book/movie

  • Evee

    Edward/Robert pattinson! He’s so protective and caring of Bella!!!

  • carmen

    the vow isnt a nicholas sparks movie/book……………….

  • Marena

    you forgot Peeta Mellark!!!!!! Who wouldn’t want a Peeta in their life?

  • Brenda Shanahan

    even though i love most of these choices id like to point out that the vow is not a nicholas sparks movie! its based on a true story and people always think it is becuase channing tatum & rachel mcadams were both in nicholas sparks before

  • Jen

    Um…The Vow is *not* a Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie.

  • Kaylee

    Troy Bolton though! <3 ^-^ I love HSM :3

  • Sammy

    OMG! Duke!!

  • emma

    JESSE <3333