James Franco’s 11 Best Characters Ranked From Hot to Gross

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James Franco is truly a chameleon. He practically disappears into any role he takes, and despite his devilishly handsome good looks IRL, he isn’t afraid to get seriously grungy. While most of his roles don’t require too much of physical transformation, there are some roles where you might not even recognize him.

We know his resume is quite lengthy, so we picked 11 of his best roles and ranked them in terms of hotness. Some will have you swooning, while others….not so much. Check out our ranking below!

Which of James’ roles is your fave? Sound off in the comments section!

1. Tristan From Tristan + Isolde

SWOON! How can you not fall for someone in a period piece that's all about forbidden love?

20th Century Fox

2. James Franco From This Is the End

OK, so he plays himself, but he's oh-so-handsome IRL. We stand by our choice.

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3. Harry Osborn From Spider-Man (1, 2, & 3)

His character is pretty brooding throughout the trilogy, but he's a hot brooder.


4. Daniel Desario From Freaks & Geeks

Daniel is a bad boy, but he's got a heart of gold. Plus, he wears that leather jacket well.


5. Dr. Paul Leotard From The Mindy Project

A runway model turned doctor? AND he's sensitive?! That's basically the dream, right?


6. Oz From Oz the Great & Poweful

Oz's imagination is really the thing that's attractive here. And, well, yeah, he's not so bad on the outside either.


7. Jason From Never Been Kissed

Jason is more the strong, silent type. (Seriously, we're not even sure if he has any lines in this movie.) He might role with the cool kids, but that prank they try to play on the "nerds" at prom is NOT cool.

Fox 2000

8. Will Rodman From Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Yeah, he makes friends with apes, but that's kind of weird, no?

20th Century Fox

9. Chris Campbell From Whatever It Takes

Sure, this guy is popular and handsome, but Chris was manipulative and conniving. Not our kind of fella.

Colobia Pictures

10. Saul Silver From Pineapple Express

Saul is a good friend and all, but please, TAKE A SHOWER. And cut your hair

Colombia Pictures

11. Alien From Spring Breakers

There is so much wrong with Alien, we don't even know where to begin.


James Franco Is Seriously the Coolest

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    I love his brother, Dave Franco!