12 Television Boyfriends Who’ll Make You Wanna Ditch Your Own BF IRL

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Thanks to television, we have super-high standards when it comes to dating and boys. Like, is a relationship a la Cory & Topanga’s on Boy Meets World even possible in the real world? Would any guy do whatever it takes to keep you safe, like Caleb on Pretty Little Liars? ’cause we’ve yet to see or experience any of this. Sigh.

Whether or not you’re currently in a couple, these 12 TV boyfriends will give you a whole new outlook on how you should be treated/what you want in a real-life relationship:

Scott on Teen Wolf

He may be a shape-shifting dog, but he's the Alpha shape-shifting dog, making him one of the strongest of the werewolves (so you know he's got a killer body). And on the personality side of things, he was an amazing boyfriend to Allison. Although they're currently off, he still does whatever it takes to ensure her safety.

Photo: MTV

Cory on Boy Meets World

His relationship with Topanga lasted forever on the show, and will continue through Girl Meets World, so you know he's the ultimate.

Photo: ABC

Caleb on Pretty Little Liars

Haleb's a town (and a TV show) apart -- thanks, Ravenswood -- but Caleb's still the #1 PLL BF in our hearts. (Though, comparatively, anyone next to Toby when he was on The 'A' Team and Ezra looks pretty darn good.)

Photo: ABC Family

Zack on Saved by the Bell

Even through the not-so-great Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Zack stood by Kelly's side -- and took her hand in marriage at the end!

Photo: NBC

Finn (R.I.P.) on Glee

Despite Rachel cheating on him with his best friend, then forgiving her only to let her leave him behind while she goes off to college in New York, Finn still asserted that they would be together in the long run. We all know the turnout (may he rest in peace), but his heart was always in the right place when it came to Lea Michele's character.

Photo: FOX

Jesse on Hannah Montana

Considering none of Miley's friends or other boyfriends were able to figure out that she was Hannah Montana and this guy did in, like, a day, and still treated her the same way -- yup, definitely a keeper.

Photo: Disney Channel

Dean on Gilmore Girls

It's true that they didn't end up together in the end, but even though they didn't, he was always polite to her mom (slash polite in general), caring, loving -- overall, the perfect first boyfriend.

Photo: WB

Stefan on The Vampire Diaries

Settle down -- we're on Team Delena, too. But, honestly, Damon's killed Elena's brother plenty of times to get points taken off on the Best TV Boyfriend list. Meanwhile, Stefan's always been the listener. While Damon would fight to the literal death to keep Elena alive, Stefan always put Elena's decisions first (which resulted in Elena becoming a vampire, but still, it shows his respect for her).

Photo: The CW

Harvey on Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina put the kid through hell and he didn't even know it. (i.e. Rescuing her from a tall, faraway castle.) A true love, indeed.

Photo: ABC

Matty & Jake on Awkward.

Just. Couldn't. Choose. They're both amazing!

Photo: MTV

Seth on The O.C.

He pretty much paved the way for geeks back in the day. Remember the Spider-Man kiss?? Seth Cohen, FTW!

Photo: FOX

Freddie on iCarly

Well, the guy's definitely got patience, putting up with Sam all those years. And the best friends first thing? Love.

Photo: Nickelodeon

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  • ria

    Sure damon is an ok BF in his own way an delana is ok for a little while but stefan and elena are an epic LOVE!!! Stelana it just is the way it should be

  • Joanna

    I totally agree about Stefan! That’s why I love Stelena so much and can’t get into Delena. Maybe Damon would be okay for Elena to date for a little bit but Stefan is perfect for her.

  • Chaya

    Dean, the perfect boyfriend? How can you possibly say that? Sure we all hated Lindsey, but they were married. Dean is an adulterer and not only that, but in the end he was kind of an ass. Dean seasons 1-3 may have been perfect boyfriend material, but it’s all downhill from there.

  • Shea

    Well you know Caleb might be falling for a ghost but you know still the “perfect boyfriend” lol

  • Kalyn

    Rachel didn’t leave Finn well she did but not in the this is implying it. In the last episode of season 3 when Rachel got accept in to NYADA and Finn and Kurt didn’t get accepted into their colleges, Rachel was gonna stay behind in Lima another year. But then Finn put her on a train to New York. Yes she went but it was Finn that sent her in the first place.

  • kaelie

    harvey and sabrina are perf

  • Sammy