10 Times Emma Watson Made Us Jealous of Her Amazing Life

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Panda Whale

Panda Whale

In case you weren’t completely aware, we have an enormous girl crush on Emma Watson. Can you really blame us, though? We practically grew up with her, as we’re sure many of you did thanks to that eight-movie franchise she was in. So it should be perfectly understandable that we kinda freaked out when we saw her for, like, two seconds in the new trailer for Noah, starring Russell Crowe. Watch the video here:

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we can now go into detail about the many times in which the 23-year-old star made us jealous of her amazing life:

The Jealousy Begins

Let's start with, oh, that time she was cast as Hermione in Harry Potter. Yeah, that time.

Photo: Warner Bros.


That time when she said the other actors' lines during the first Harry Potter, but we weren't annoyed like we would be with anyone else. Instead, we were like, 'Aww, adorable.' How is she so likable?

Photo: Tumblr (emmawatsongifs)

Pixie Cut

That time she chopped off all her hair and started a trend.

Photo: WENN

Fair Trade

That time she basically got her own clothing line. Mayj jealousy over here.

Photo: Emma Watson

The Perks of Being Emma Watson

When she starred opposite Logan Lerman -- TWICE. (First for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, then Noah.)

Photo: Summit

My Week with Eddie Redmayne

That time she was this close to our Les Miserables crush.

Photo: The Weinstein Company

WOTY 2013

That time she was crowned Woman of the Year -- this year, actually -- and we weren't.

Photo: GQ

Ow Ow

That time she never looked more fit.

Photo: WENN

Harry Potter World

That time she made a funny: "Still got it. #HarryPotterWorld #watford

Photo: Twitter (@EmWatson)

Romeo, Oh, Romeo

That time Douglas Booth held her in his beautiful, British arms.

Photo: Paramount

Why Emma Watson Almost Quit Acting

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    She’s so pretty!

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    She’s just so beautiful. I love her and always will. <3