Editor Showdown: Debating the End of Veronica Roth’s Allegiant

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Alright you guys, it’s time to take on a serious issue in this week’s showdown — the ending of Allegiant. Closing the literal and figurative final chapter of any YA franchise is always tough, but this one was especially bad since — SERIOUSLY, WE’RE WARNING YOU, SPOILER ALERT! — Tris, THE BOOK’S MAIN PROTAGONIST, dies at the end. *gasp* We’ve seen plenty of deaths throughout this series, heck, YA series in general, but this was a huge blow to Divergent fans.

While some were devastated (like my cohort, Kaitlin) by the tragic ending, there is a small minority (including myself, a.k.a. Amanda) that believes the ending completely serves the series justice. Let’s discuss in detail, shall we?

Amanda, Editor: Let me start this off by saying I haven’t read the book yet, but I was NOT able to stay spoiler-free. (Ugh, yes, I know. I’ll read it soon; I JUST bought it!) I hate surprises, I want to know how everything ends right away, so it was my choice. With that said, when I found out the ending of the book (though, I still am not 100% clear on the circumstances around it, only that Tris essentially does it to “save” everybody), I thought, “What a poetic way to end the story.” Why, do I think that, you ask? Well…

The beginning of Divergent is all about Tris being a member of Abnegation — the Selfless faction. Hello, is there anything more selfless than sacrificing yourself for the ones you love? It’s what Tris’ parents did in the first novel, and the idea of her doing that seems so full circle. Also, she chose to be in Dauntless in the first novel, which honors Bravery. Sacrificing yourself for the greater good? That seems to be the perfect combination of selflessness AND bravery.

One thing that really sold me on this was Veronica Roth‘s interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz. She explains everything so beautifully and defends her decision. In fact, she’s had this ending planned out from the beginning!

Also, I know I’m not alone in thinking this, as Shailene Woodley — who will star as Tris on the big screen — recently revealed that she loved the ending, saying: “I think it’s awesome, and the coolest decision that’s ever happened in the young adult novel world. I’m such a fan!”

I am too, Shailene. I am too.

Kaitlin, Associate Editor: Like many other Initiates, I was counting down the days until the conclusion of the Divergent trilogy. On release day, I even went to a launch event where Veronica Roth gave miniature spoilers on the series finale (along with Ansel Elgort and Christian Madsen, squee!), yet I still was ill-prepared for what was to come…

Overall, I was disappointed by the novel’s overly-political plot. The government’s always been a part of the story, but the focus seemed to stray from true action, not to mention Four and Tris’ love. And in the moments where the central couple was together — including the possible sex scene? Can’t really tell if it happened or not. I hate that it was left to interpretation; I wanted it to be spelled out! — everything seemed like an afterthought. Lame.

But we’re here to talk about the ending, right? So here we go… I get the whole full-circle thing; yes, Tris did the same thing her parents did in the first book. However, since Caleb volunteered to sacrifice himself, I don’t see a legitimate enough reason why she didn’t let him go through with it. He practically led his sister to her execution in Insurgent, so what the eff? I understand that she didn’t know if he was motivated by love or guilt in volunteering for the task, but either way, he was totally okay with her dying for Jeanine’s sake, so why should he be granted with the privilege of life, while Tris is laid to rest?

Now, there’s an unmistakable void — a bit theatrical, I know — for those who were looking forward to Tris and Four, post-drama. No one said they needed to have a cookie-cutter ending and live happily ever after. But after Veronica promised that Four would make it through to the end of the franchise, for fear of teenage-girl backlash, you would think that she wouldn’t kill off the story’s main character for the same exact reason.

Who do YOU agree with? Did you like the ending? Or were you not a fan? Start the debate in the comments section!

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57 Responses to "Editor Showdown: Debating the End of Veronica Roth’s Allegiant"

  1. Teen.com
    Ann says:

    I hate the end of the trilogy! I didn’t thought the story was the end happily ever after, but why does the main character has to die. I hope the end of the movie is different!!!
    I love Tris and I love Four and I hope in the movie they are together in the end of the story.
    I’m heart broken, never want to read the trilogy again. I even don’t want to read another book for the next weeks.

  2. Teen.com
    Georgia says:

    I loved the books and understand the authors reasoning a bit about the selflessness Tris felt at the end, but I don’t feel Tris had to die. There could have been something or someone to save her before having to die. Maybe Caleb could have shown up with a gun and stopped David from shooting her. I think the true ending makes Tobias and friends to still view her actions as self destructive. Also, through the books you get a sense of their true love for each other and after all they’ve been through should have each other in the end!!

  3. Teen.com
    Megan says:

    I hated the ending, like everyone. I think Veronica was trying to go for this star-crossed lovers thing and it was very unnecessary. Caleb should have dove in front of the bullet and shot David in the face ok? Take it under advisment for the screenplay for the movie because I hated Titanic. I would never watched the movie or read this series if I knew it ended this this, I dont think pain and misery is entertaining.

  4. Teen.com
    Lydia o.o says:

    I didn’t like the way the book ended! Tris dies!?!?! Way too piss readers off

  5. Teen.com
    sally says:

    I hope the movie is different.

  6. Teen.com
    Nina says:

    I absolutely hated the ending. I’ve read enough novels where the protagonist dies. The whole concept was so passée and I’m disappointed I invested time in it (2 days but whatever). Also I felt it was cruel to leave Tobias hanging. Tris was from the selfless faction – I totally get that, but I felt there was enough coverage of “giving of oneself” with her parents sacrificing their lives for her safety and the greater good. To see her sacrifice herself over her brother did the whole concept of ‘divergence’ no justice at all. It wasn’t intelligent, brave or selfless. It was just stupid. I hate Veronica Roth for wasting my time. I hope your movie franchise fails because your books in my opinion certainly do.

  7. Teen.com
    Eric Carson says:

    I loved the first two books but the ending of the third really upset me. In my opinion I think that right before Tris was about to get shot by David, Veronica should of had Caleb jump in and take the shot for Tris while giving her the gun to shoot David. So then Tris would shoot David and save the day, then happy ending Tris and Tobias live happily ever after. But no Roth decided to have it end with Tobias maybe ending up with Christina that’ is not right I hope Veronica reads this comment.

  8. Teen.com
    alexis says:

    Okay so I’m torn with this ending as I reread it there where hints everywhere in this book that she was going to do it and even as I was reading it I had a horrible feeling as soon as Caleb volunteered. Selfless tris would never let her brother die …but as a reader I hate this part of her character……I needed that happy ending with Tobias and tris together forever …as they had said. I think Roth is very strong in killing a character, I can’t think of any other series that does that so kudos for her but I hope she realizes how agonizing it was for the readers who became attached to a chatcter then watched her die

  9. Teen.com
    Trish, a heart broken Divergent fan. says:

    The ending is a very realistic thing, no one’s life is granted. But if someone asks if I liked it I would say absolutely NO! I read the whole saga in very few day, so I could tell that I just knowed Tris for a little amount of time, but I already felt her as a part of me, and now I feel a whole in my heart. Als I can’t help feeling terrible for Tobias, I love his character and imagineing him hurt and broken, it breaks me, I can’t handle it. Also I would hate that Tobias ended up with Christina. I havent stoped to cry in a while and I feel like a friend of mine have just been riped away. I think Tris’ death was unnescesary, there would be many other ways to shol the selflessness and sacrifice os Tris. I realy enjoyed reading all the books, ’till Tris die. And I loved there’s no love-triangle. Really, I’m tired of it. Thanks Veronica! So, in conclusion I love the books, I love Tobias, I hate Tris’ death, and I’m heart broken. Poor Tobias :’(
    By the way I’ll leave you a alernative ending that I found and loved.

  10. Teen.com
    Angel says:

    Couldn’t tell the tris or tobias narrative apart. For a YA story, remember Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy for adults, well wrong category. And in romeo and juliet they both died. So it will go on in history as a classic. But then death to the heroine of the Trilogy? Why kill the character. No amount of logic or explanation can save Roth. Yes she’s daring, unique, but she killed the love story. And the end tobias seems to be ending with Christina… Hmmmm don’t like that. Displeased with the death, the serum idea, the tobias mother left him to be abused bc she was abused too? Women do not do that! They both live or they both die, but to have tobias seemingly suggesting that he’s ending up with christina, that changes the whole immortal love story.

  11. Teen.com
    divergent fan says:

    I just hate the end, I cried so much. This is the most depressing end I have ever read. I prefered them to die together or live together but now Thobias is alone and that’s so sad. I still like the story but why did Tris die.
    Now I’m depressed.

  12. Teen.com
    Jenn says:

    Terrible ending!

  13. Teen.com
    Rosie says:

    I don’t agree with the ending. I totally understand the reality behind it but really most of us read books to escape reality and if you’re going to give me a bs ending ill just stick to real life. Call me cheesy and queen of the happily ever after fairy tales but thats what I look forward to when I pick up a book to get lost in love. Total deception I hope they at least change the ending in the movie.

  14. Teen.com
    Ashley45 says:

    I HATE the ending I thought that tris and four would be together 4EVER but now I hate VeronicaRoth cuz she killed off my favorite character!

  15. Teen.com
    Hannah says:

    The ending was right. The LAST page was totally cliché but, I think it needed to be. I needed hope that Tobias would be okay to some extent, and the ending left me believing that he was starting to ‘mend’. Though not all loose ends were tied up, which usually kills me, this loose end meant that I as the reader had the choice of what happened- did he fall in love with Christina? did he rekindle his love with his mother?- I got to choose. Tris dying was sad, of course, I grew attached to her over the series but, and here is a big but, her death enveloped the entire series perfectly. It showed that she WAS DIFFERENT, she was Divergent, but she was also Allegiant and Insurgent because SHE survived the final death serum. It proved to all of us that we had been reading about someone special and important, but even the things that are most special and important could not overcome the bullet that ultimately ended her life. She was special but not superhuman, she is what I want to be.

  16. Teen.com
    Ana Cris says:

    I LOVED IT BUT I HATED IT!!! OMG SHE DIES!!?!?!!! how could i be okay with that? I did loved it in a weird way but OMFG I LOVE TOBIAS AND I CRIED AND CRIED AND COULDN’T HELP IT BUT CRY THAT THEY COULDN’T HAVE A LIFE TOGETHER :( I couldn’t read the epilogue since i was already toooo mad so if theres anything good/interesting in there, then I’m sorry i missed it but I just couldn’t do it.

  17. Teen.com
    penny100 says:

    Where’s my comment? hi Meghan and joey love u guys

  18. Teen.com
    PENNY100 says:

    WHY WHY WHY JUST WHY?!!!!?!?!? I was in a happy mood. I decided to read the book since i was almost finished with it. I was so glad tris and Tobias were goin to spend there life together! But than…TRIS DIES!!!!! I literally cried. I was pissed off and now. I can’t read a book without crying. I agree with the person that commented about them DIEING TOGETHER. I SWEAR IT WOULD BE HAPPIER TO KNOW THEY WOULD BOTH LIVE TOGETHER SAFE IN HEAVEN. OR WUTEVER. BUT NOOOO…. THEY DIE SEPERATLY AND TOBIAS NEVER GOT THE CHANCE AT LEAST.Well he did but. I FELT THAT HE AND HER…Im too pissed. I NOW HATE THE NAME DAVID. YOU KNOW WUT DAVID CAN GO TO H E L L. FRICKEN FRICKETY FRICK. I LOVE U TRIS. (No homo). TRIS FOUR THE SHIP NOOOO WHY WHY JUST WHY U CANT END IT LIKE THIS PLZ. NO I CANT LIVE ON . NO WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYY..???!!??????? IM PISSED THE FRICK OFF IT WILL TAKE ME A WHILE TO OVERCOME THIS. :) Im still gonna watch the movie though. It feels good to let out my feelings ok baaiiiii :) I look like a mess. -.- b

  19. Teen.com
    Christen coleman says:

    I wasn’t happy with the ending for sev reasons. First i hated the split narrations between tris and Tobias mostly because I kept turning back to the beginning of the chapter to see who it was that was speaking. Secondly I can handle it that tris didnt make it. Life’s hard in a postapocalyptic world i get that but I felt like the death scene was confusing an not well done. To be honest i found a lot of scenes confusing like the sex or no sex scene. I thought Roth should have at least made the most important part the book ( tris’s death) clear cut and a little more meaningful. Just didnt do this amazing main character justice. The last thing i didn’t understand was why Tobias becomes a polotician just like the father he hated. All in all i loved the first 2 books but the last one seemed like a rushed confusing and somewhat messy disappointment when compared with the rest of the series. We no Roth is capable of great writing we saw that with the first two books so what happened? Whatever it was its made me question reading anything else she writes not because of tris’s death but because of poor craftsmanship on her part.

  20. Teen.com
    Louise says:

    I like the ending! I thought I would be sad about it, because I have heard so many negative comments about it, but I think, it was beautiful, when Tris got to meet her mother, and I like that the main character dies :)

  21. Teen.com
    Katherine says:

    In my opinion, I’m 50 – 50. I agree with the fact that she die, that’s not what makes me not liking the ending. I just hate the fact that she separated Tris and Tobias. I mean They went over their problems, they were even talking about their future together after all this would be over. I agree with the fact she gave her life to save everyone, but I would have loved it more if, lets say, Tris and Tobias would have done the mission together and they would’ve died together. That would have been better than separate them forever. Either that or the good ending where they both live and they have their future together. I cant help it I hate these kind of endings where 2 lovers get separated forever because one dies and not the other. and we can see it that Tobias is not the same since she died, even 2 and a half years later. so IMO they should have died together.

    • Teen.com
      Penny100 says:


    • Teen.com
      Jaime says:

      I agree. I don’t care about the holes in the plot, the political stuff, the fact that she died or the way it was written. But I fell in love with the love story and craved the scenes of them together. To have it ripped apart was devastating for me.

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