Because She Doesn’t Get Enough Attention, Miley Got Rid of Her Eyebrows

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Twitter (@MileyCyrus)Something tells us that you're not ready for this jelly just yet ('cause we certainly weren't). Since it's been a pretty quiet few weeks in regards to Miley Cyrus — she only went nude ONCE in November, guys — we were starting to think that maybe, just maybe, the 20-year-old singer was starting to calm down. Yeah, no. That was so NOT gonna happen…

While we were peacefully sleeping last night, the "We Can't Stop" crooner debuted a new look that, even after all her antics, shocked the hell out of us. And it wasn't even because she showed too much boob or booty; that would be like any other day of the week. No no, it's actually because she — wait for it — got rid of her eyebrows.

Instagram (@mirandakerr)

Okay, so she didn't exactly get rid of 'em. While many believed that MiCy shaved the hairs above her eyes, it appears that they're bleached if you look more closely. If the picture above with Miranda Kerr isn't enough to convince you, perhaps this photo with Lily Allen will:

Instagram (@lilyallen)

What do you think of her new look? Love it or leave it? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments below, or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

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  • daisean$ girl

    omg…what is wrong with her…she looked better with eyebrows!!!!!grow them back fast miley!!!!

  • Jodie

    its like she said YEARS ago, nobodys perfect and mileys far from it

  • Ryver

    I like it! She’s a adult and it’s her life. I think she should do whatever she wants to do. SMILER FOR LIFE…. :p

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  • Kalie

    She has lost her mind forreal…. She needs to go back to wig days…

  • Alice

    How did I not see this coming?

  • Jalisa

    Tf why like she already ugly asf cuz she cut her hair like u making it worst wit dem ugly dyed eyebrows .

  • Umm

    1 of my frnd 1s shvd off her I-brws. So BORRINNGGG!!

    • MeFailEnglis?That’sUnpossible.

      …I think it’s trying to speak to us.

  • Cecillia

    I also was starting to think she was calming down, people don’t know me, but I think all the damage that she is doing to herself is coming all to me. I have loved Miley since I was 4 and a half yrs old. she was my idol and I will always love her, and I think that is the problem, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER!! I have loved her for so long, for so many yrs It has been, it feels almost like my whole life, I cannot stop loving miley, and it hurts me so bad to see what she is doing to herself! if I look back to the sweet, honest, truthful Miley, and than look at the Crazy Miley now, it hurts me like an arrow in the heart, I have no idea what she is doing to herself, and hope that there is some explanation about all of this. I hope she is not taking any drugs or has any mental issues cause that would kill me inside so bad that I would have a H.A!!! :'(

    • Elohi

      I suggest you read a book “non fiction” and become Amish. That way you have some hope for your life. Your parents must be so disappointed in you. I’m disappoied that there are people who think you.

  • Sammy


  • Allie

    On one side, I’ve always found bleached eyebrows cute on some people (it’s an akward cuteness that doesn’t fit to everyone, but Miley kinda rock it).
    Aaand on the other: she needs help. Soon. I mean, she’s called ”Miley” because her nickname was ”Smiley”, but Smiley doesn’t smile anymore. She’s licking things and showing up her tongue cause it’s the only way she’s able to show some funny side, now. And guess what, she’s always seeking attention because we give it to her hard, in a bad way. That’s infantilizing for her to depend on everybody’s opinions when she ”try to show that she grown up”… So here comes the insatisfaction and the drama we create.
    (So, if we don’t want our little girls to go on her dark side, why we keep giving attention to her ‘bad behavior’? She’s not the bad exemple, we are.)

  • Sofie

    i think that what she has done so far is just expressing herself and her feelings. think that what she is doing is admirable, because she doesn’t do whatever the other “famous” people are doing and how they are dressed. so if shewts to shave/bleach her eyebrows then it is HER decision, I don’t say thy it looks pretty, but peepz give he some rest!

  • Emily

    Miley is a very pretty girl, and I’ll be honest, I feel bad for her. Yeah, this is going to get her attention, but like everything else she has done so far, it’s not going to be GOOD attention. :(

  • Audrey

    She isn’t getting enought attention? Miley needs to know her ass shaking and being punk something is getting enough attention. Bleaching her eyebrows is wtf. Get real!

  • kat

    she looks like lady gaga

  • andrea

    pretty sure shes trying to be a more risque tilda swinton.

  • AngĂ©lica

    Why?…. Just…. No.