Ranking Ryan Gosling’s Many Characters From Hot to Gross

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Ryan Gosling is HANDS DOWN the best looking actor around. (And if you don’t agree, we just can’t be friends.) However, he’s had some roles where he is far from his naturally handsome looks. Showing what a true artist he is, Ryan isn’t afraid to take on a multitude of roles and for that, we applaud him.

In honor of this. we decided to round up some of Ryan’s characters and rank them from hot to gross for your viewing pleasure. Check out our picks by clicking through the gallery below!

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1. Noah From The Notebook

DUH! We love this movie because we get not one, but TWO hot characters. Younger, baby faced Noah, and older, scruffy/rugged Noah. Not to mention his "It's not over" speech gets us in the feels every single time.

New Line Cinema

2. Jacob Palmer From Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The shirtless pic says enough, doesn't it? Oh, and the way he pursues Emma Stone's character is basically how we want to be treated IRL. That scene with "Just One Look" is basically the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Warner Brothers

3. Alan Bosley From Remember the Titans

Ryan Gosling in a football uniform? Yeah, it's perfection.


4. Sean Hanlon From Breaker High

Sean wanted nothing more than to be seen as a suave ladies man, however, he was anything but. Then he started dating Tamira and was the cutest BF ever.


5. Stephen Meyers From The Ides of March

Um, yeah. This is about all the evidence we need. We're just going to leave this photo here...

Sony Pictures

6. Hercules From Young Hercules

OMG! We are DYING over the bleach blonde locks flowing in the wind. He starred as the son of Zeus, how can he not be perfect?

MCA Television

7. Sgt. Jerry Wooters From Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling starring as a 1940's cop? Him in those suits is enough to leave you drooling.

Warner Brothers

8. The Driver From Drive

This no name character is hot (there's just something about that gold scorpion jacket...) but he's lethal. Not exactly the guy you want to take home to mom and dad.

OddLot Entertainment

9. Dan Dunne From Half Nelson

In this movie, he plays a teacher with a drug habit who befriends one of his students. We're not sure how to react to all that, but he still is really good looking.

Hunting Lane Films

10. Luke From The Place Beyond the Pines

Although the base of RyGos' hotness is there, the odds are stacked against him as he's a tatted up bank robber.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment

11. Lars Lindstrom From Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan definitely gained a few pounds for this role (although, he'd look great no matter what), but he's rocking a creepy stache and his character is in love with a glorified blow up doll. Weird.


12. Dean From Blue Valentine

So, if you've seen this movie, you know it's about a couple's rather turbulent journey from their romantic meeting until they're on the edge of divorce. His character starts off SUPER hot, but as you see here, he does not get better with age.

Incentive Filmed Entertainment

13. Richard Haywood From Murder By Numbers

Uh, yeah, he plays a murder in this. Call us crazy, but we don't find murderous qualities all that appealing.

Warner Brothers

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