The Next Big Meme of 2013: #MileyBrows

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We know how much you appreciated seeing your favorite celebrities without teeth, but wait ’til you see ‘em once they go through what we call the #MileyBrows treatment.

As you’ve probably seen, and have had a little time to digest, Miley Cyrus basically got rid of her eyebrows. (Okay, so she bleached them, but they might as well have been shaved off). So, we thought it’d be fun to see how some of our favorite stars looked after undergoing the same transformation. And, let us tell you, this is something you can’t unsee…

Daniel Radcliffe

Photo: Original from WENN

Ariana Grande

Photo: Original from WENN

Jaden Smith

Photo: Original from WENN

Lily Collins

Photo: Original from WENN

Dylan O'Brien

Photo: Original from WENN

Kylie Jenner

Photo: Original from WENN

Justin Bieber

Photo: Original from WENN


Photo: Original from WENN

Tyler Blackburn

Photo: Original from WENN

Demi Lovato

Photo: Original from WENN

Ian Somerhalder

Photo: Original from WENN

Shailene Woodley

Photo: Original from WENN

Zayn Malik

Photo: Original from WENN

Kristen Stewart

Photo: Original from WENN

Liam Hemsworth

Photo: Original from WENN

Naya Rivera

Photo: Original from WENN

Ryan Gosling

Photo: Original from WENN

Zoey Deutch

Photo: Original from WENN

Zac Efron

Photo: Original from WENN

Jennifer Lawrence

How can she still look flawless??

Photo: Original from WENN

Any thoughts on the Miley treatment? Not to toot our own horns, but we think this is totally next-big-meme-worthy. Try it out with your own pics, and tweet ‘em @teen, #MileyBrows!

What the World Would Be Like Without Miley Cyrus

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18 Responses to "The Next Big Meme of 2013: #MileyBrows"

    senna says:

    you can see beonce’s nipples………. nearly

    Kristineeee says:

    omg.. Lily Collins lost a lot

    Jade says:

    daniel Radcliffe looks freaky!!!

    Nicole says:

    Justin Bieber looks like Ellen DeGeneres without his eyebrows!

    Tori says:

    Liam’s eyes look TINY!!!!!!

    Florence says:

    Naya Rivera still looks GORGEOUS but Zac efron??? haha… no.

    Forever says:

    IAN u shock me

    Alice W. says:

    You make an article about eyebrows, but don’t include Drake?

    Vics says:

    Justin Bieber kinda looks like a girl

    Destiny says:

    Demi, Naya, and Jennifer still look pretty amazibg without eyebrows but everyone esle not so much especially te guys ugh lol

    Sammy says:

    They all look horrible!!!

    Emily says:

    I didn’t even recognize Lily Collins.

    Amy Pond says:

    I was going to say that you forgot Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who) but then I remembered, he doesn’t have any! <3

      Rory Pond says:

      That os freakimg correct and I’d like to see David Tennant with none! Billie piper would still be flawless!

        River Song says:

        It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who likes doctor who… Who’s your fav. Doctor

    Karerencia says:


    Olivia says:

    Some of them still look gorgeous without their eyebrows… But Lily Collins without her eyebrows? Her eyebrows are like everything.

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