Ed Sheeran on People‘s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ 2013 Issue: It’s “Utterly Ridiculous”

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Twitter (@edsheeran)

Twitter (@edsheeran)

Adam Levine may’ve taken the top spot in PEOPLE‘s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, but guess who still snagged his own piece of recognition on the list — Ed Sheeran!

According to the magazine, the 22-year-old singer is one of the hottest stars out there, being named alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake and Chris Pine. While many Sheerios were left swooning since their idol scored a spot, there’s one person who still doesn’t quite see the logic in the publication’s choice: Ed himself.

On the day the issue hit newsstands, Ed Instagrammed his feature, along with the caption “In People magazine’s sexiest man alive issue, out today. Very strange.” This was soon followed up by an interview in which the “Lego House” crooner specifically addressed the topic. He says the nomination in itself was “utterly ridiculous.” He continues, “I don’t know who the voting party [is] for People, but thank you. It’s very kind. But I’m sure I’m the only person on this list who has a belly.”

Do you think Ed’s one of the sexiest men alive? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Ed Sheeran message board!

Psst, we spent an entire day with Ed Sheeran!

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9 Responses to "Ed Sheeran on People‘s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ 2013 Issue: It’s “Utterly Ridiculous”"

  1. Teen.com
    Jamie says:

    Ed is perfect and it was no surprise he was on the list. DUH

  2. Teen.com
    Katie says:

    He might not be physically “sexy”, at least not society’s perception of the term, but his voice.
    I mean, dayum.

  3. Teen.com
    Anonymous says:

    I thinl he’s sexy because being sexy is being smart not type of body figure

  4. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    I love his music and voice, but he is not the sexiest man alive.

  5. Teen.com
    Hook's Lost Girl says:

    I think Ed definitely deserves this. He may not be society’s perception of sexy, but he is a talented, kind, humble, funny guy who appeals to his audience by writing about things that everyone can relate to and by staying down to earth and not snarky He’s sarcastic and self-deprecating, but we all love him so much. I’m really glad someone finally recognized Ed :)

  6. Teen.com
    lala says:

    oh hell no…he’s cute but not sexy ..

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