10 Reasons Why We’re Girl-Crushing on Divergent‘s Zoe Kravitz

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Tumblr (rphelper)

Tumblr (rphelper)

It’s Woman Crush Wednesday again, which means it’s all about one famous female we just can’t get enough of at the moment. And this time, that lucky girl is Zoe Kravitz!

Although Shailene Woodley‘s the ‘It’ girl when it comes to Divergent (along with everything else YA), Zoe, who will play her best friend, Christina, holds her own even up against her on-screen counterpart. So, just like we did for Catching Fire‘s Jena Malone, here’s 10 reasons why you should girl-crush on the young star, like us:


Zoe's a risk-taker when it comes to fashion.

Photo: WENN


And she's a rebel when it comes to jewelry. (Note the nose ring.)

Photo: Getty

Singing Skills

Go on YouTube and type in 'Zoe Kravitz Elevator Fight, Paloma.' OMG.

Photo: YouTube

X-Men: First Class

She killed it in the X-Men prequel...

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

X-Men: First Class, Part II

...and got to wear this. Confidence was key.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox


She's only gonna star in one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2014. NBD.

Photo: Summit

Penn Badgley

She dates this guy.

Photo: WENN

Lenny Kravitz

This is her dad.

Photo: WENN

Jennifer Lawrence

Oh yeah, and this is her best friend. They even have sleepovers, ugh.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox


Girl's a total bad-ass.

Photo: Lipstick Alley

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  • Amanda

    Love Zoe and that she’s Real Life BFF with Jennifer!

  • Sammy

    Can’t wait to see Divergent!