Ranking Shia LaBeouf’s Many Characters From Hot to Gross

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When Shia LaBeouf first came on the scene back in 2000, he was an adorably awkward teenager on Even Stevens. However, he's made quite the transformation (see what we did there?) since then. It might be hard to see him as anything besides that lovable goofball, but he's made it pretty clear he's open to taking all kinds of different roles.

Whether he's showing off his action star skills or being super dramatic and artsy, we thought we'd rank some of Shia's many characters from hot to gross. Well, we guess in his case they're not gross so much as they are young and awkward. Regardless, check out our picks below!

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1. Sam Witwicky From Transformers

Come on, this is a pretty obvious choice.


2. Jerry Shaw From Eagle Eye

This was one of the first roles we got to see Shia in all his grown man glory, and it was amazing.


3. Jake Moore From Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Shia in a bunch of well-tailored suits? Sign us up!

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4. Kale From Disturbia

This is still when Shia was young and adorable, and just on the verge of being super hot. Which is just so cute.


5. Mutt Williams From Indiana Jone and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

A rebellious kid who is the son of Indian Jones and runs around in a leather jacket? We approve.

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6. Jacob From New York, I Love You

This is REALLY a grown up Shia -- just look at that beard!

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7. Louis Stevens From Even Stevens

Shia was obviously adorable as Louis, but the hotness factor? Not really there. Sorry.


8. Max From Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Again, it's not so much that this character is "gross," he's just still in an awkward phase.


9. Lewis From Dumb and Dumberer

Um, yeah. Basically he's an uber-dork. Not very cute, sorry.

New Line Cinema

10. Stanley Yelnats IV From Holes

This is one of our FAVE Shia characters, but from a literal standpoint, Stanley is pretty gross considering he spends a majority of the movie digging holes and covered in dirt and sweat.


11. Charlie Countryman From Charlie Countryman

Yeah, that bloodied up picture pretty much says it all.

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