13 YA Heartthrobs Who Are Better Than the Guys You Know in Real Life

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Screen Gems

Screen Gems

You’ve seen the TV boyfriends who’ll make you wanna trade in your real-life guy, but wait ’til you feast your eyes on the hottest leading men from YA books/movies (sans Twilight‘s Edward Cullen; this is an Edward Cullen-free zone because he’s a creepster) who are pretty much the best boyfriends ever. Well, fake boyfriends ever. Keep forgetting that part, ugh.

From Divergent‘s Four to The Fault in Our Stars‘ Gus, check out 12 YA heartthrobs who are way better than any of the guys you’ve met in real life:

Jacob, Twilight

We told you this is an Edward Cullen-free zone. He's so creepy when you really think about it. But Jacob Black? Sigh. He's always there for Bella, never turns his back on her, and doesn't want to, you know, kill her.

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Peeta, The Hunger Games

Clearly we're on Team Peeta. (After you read Mockingjay, it's hard not to be.) He risks his life and volunteers to enter the arena just for Katniss' sake come Catching Fire. Even Haymitch says she doesn't deserve him.

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Finnick, Catching Fire

Speaking of the Hunger Games sequel, there's no way the heartthrob wouldn't make the cut. Sure, he usually his raw sexuality as a weapon, but he's 100% in love, people. What we wouldn't give to be Annie Cresta...

Photo: Lionsgate

Four, Divergent

Don't let the tough exterior fool you. Sure, he is pure man, but he's got a soft spot when it comes to Tris.

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Jace, The Mortal Instruments

Similarly to Four, Jace has a tough exterior. However, it's when he shows his vulnerability around Clary that completely makes us melt.

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Christian, Vampire Academy

We still love us some Dimitri Belikov, but the love between Christian and Lissa makes us ache. Remember when they broke up (but still loved each other entirely)? Cue heartbreak.

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Cedric, Harry Potter

Edward Cullen may've been taken out of the running, but Robert Pattinson's other character is a gem. Even though he dies early on, he shows nothing but respect to Cho, as well as his opponent, Harry.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Gus, The Fault in Our Stars

He's the ultimate! Gus reads Hazel's favorite book, stands up for his friends, and even whisks his girlfriend away to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. Who else would do that? Nobody.

Photo: Teen Vogue

Jared, The Host

It's really a toss-up when it comes to Jared and Ian, but we applaud Jared. Generally, they're supposed to kill the aliens, but he defends Wanda because she's in the body of his love, Melanie.

Photo: Open Road

Adrian, Bloodlines

Honestly, we don't know how Rose didn't fall in love with him. If it wasn't for Dimitri, we hope that things would've worked out for them. ANYWAY, now he's a wonderful man to Sydney in the spin-off to Vampire Academy. Can't wait for the ending!

Photo: Razorbill

Alex, Delirium

The ending of the first book slayed us; ending of Pandemonium even more so. Although we do like Julian, Alex will forever be the one we would choose.

Photo: HarperCollins

Jem, The Infernal Devices

Truth be told, Will's our favorite. BUT, as far as boyfriends go, Jem's the whole package.

Photo: Walker Books

Percy, Percy Jackson

He's the son of a god, and saves the world. Done.

Photo: Fox 2000

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  • Rebecca

    Jace Herondale. Hottest YA character in my eyes. I mean his hair and eyes and personality, his height and his loyalty everything about the boy is perfection!

  • Kasey

    You have to read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone!!! I promise you will fall in love with Akiva <3

  • jerilyn

    im heart broke when I saw cedric. just shattered on the floor, in a million pieces