10 Celebs Who Got Tattooed for Love (and Most Likely Regret It Now)

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It's a Dog Lick Baby World

It’s a Dog Lick Baby World

Haven’t people learned that you gotta think before you ink? It’s already not the smartest move in the world to get matching tattoos or someone’s name permanently etched into your skin when you’re in a normal relationship, so it’s that much more of a risk when you’re famous (since we all know how long those couples last).

To prove it to you, we rounded up 10 stars who got tats in the name of love and most likely regret their decisions to do so at this point in time:

Justin Bieber

It's supposed to be of an angel, but doesn't that "angel" look awfully familiar?

Photo: WENN

Katy Perry

Just like ex-husband Russell Brand, the "Unconditionally" singer got Anuugacchati Pravaha, meaning "Go with the flow" — in the same. Exact. Spot. However, he has since gotten his removed.

Photo: WENN

Harry Styles

Although it was never confirmed, many speculated that Harry got his ink in honor of the ship in Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the two are currently rumored to be rekindling their flame.

Photo: Twitter (@1DSuperHumans)


Chris Brown has matching stars on the back of his neck. Ick.

Photo: WENN

Alex Pettyfer

He's spoken of having no regrets before, then why is it that Emma Roberts' name is no longer on his ring finger?

Oh yeah, and he got 'little lamb' for Dianna Agron, too. You think he would've learned by that point...

Photo: Getty/Lad

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower

When they were dating, the Mortal Instruments leads both debuted variations of "Love Always" on their skin. Hopefully that love'll return when they start shooting the sequel? (Fingers crossed!)

Photo: WENN/Getty

Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus

They actually complete each other. Oh well. From Theodore Roosevelt's Citizenship in a Republic speech, Miley got "so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat" on her left arm, while Liam's ink reads, "if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly."

Photo: Instagram

Adrienne Bailon & Rob Kardashian

Adrienne spills, "I've gotten pretty bad tattoos before. Everybody knows I have the ratchet-iest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. I don't know what I was thinking."

Photo: Getty

Britney Spears

Years after her divorce from Kevin Federline, B.Spears still sports dice on her wrist, which match those on her former love. But since they share children too, we guess it's not that big of a deal.

Photo: WENN

Paris Hilton & Nick Carter

Remember when they used to date? Bet they still do considering they both have laser markings from where each other's name tats used to rest.

Photo: WENN

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  • Ashley

    Hell no harry did’nt make it for taylor sorry taylor but u don’t deserve it someone special does!

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  • yolo

    ummmm….. Everyone go to reddit.com!!!

  • Ari


  • Emily

    Dude harry didn’t get the tattoo for taylor, nor are they rekindling any sort of flame.

    • 1D fan

      yeah….he didn’t…

  • diana

    Adam levine too!

  • Jessy

    I don’t think the matching tattoos are that terrible of a thing. At least it’s not their names.
    But my question is….you have all this money cause you’re disgustingly rich…Can’t you afford a better tattoo artists? Half these tattoos look like absolute crap. Britney Spears’ dice? It looks so faded and like it was drawn by a child…
    Not only should they feel regret for tattooing for short lived love, but for getting cheap tattoos.

  • Tay

    Harry’s tat is for Louis’ compass bc LARRY

    • larry shipper

      hell yeah, girl

  • Letícia

    I think this is so stupid! No matter how much you love the person, one day you will no longer, nothing is forever.

    • demls

      well look at you all cups half empty….

  • Raeann

    Uhm uhm uhm
    Harry didnt get that tattoo for Taylor

    • ashley

      yeah, he got it for louis.

      • Emily

        Uhm no he got it just because.

      • damla

        agreed and agreed.

      • 1D fan

        LARRY ♥

  • Sammy