10 Pairs of Underwear That Scream ‘Fangirls Only’

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We’ve seen our fair share of awesome Fangirl Goods over the past few weeks; Catching Fire skater skirts, The Mortal Instruments pillows, Divergent tote bags, etc. But lately, we’ve also found a great deal of one particular item addressed to screaming book/movie/TV-obsessed tweens/teens: underwear.

Yes, it appears that undies — whether they’re boxers, thongs or boy shorts — are the fangirl goodies that everyone keeps a secret. See which ones match up with your particular fandom!

Percy Jackson

Show your allegiance to Logan Lerman's character with these bright panties.

Photo: CafePress

The Hunger Games

We're sure Finnick would approve of the material (or lack thereof).

Photo: CafePress


Umm, a bit creepy for our particular tastes, but if you're Team Edward...

Photo: Awkward Photos


Sigh, Four...

Photo: CafePress


Gleek out -- there's multiple to choose from!

Photo: Etsy

The Mortal Instruments

Whatever Jace's last name, he's still the hottest Shadowhunter of all time.

Photo: CafePress

Harry Potter

The Marauder's Map slogan's got double meaning here.

Photo: Etsy

Teen Wolf

They weren't exactly made for the MTV show, but it still works.

Photo: CafePress

Harry Potter

Another pair of HP knickers. Naughty, naughty...

Photo: Etsy

Keep Calm &...

They work for everyone!

Photo: CafePress

100 WTF Harry Potter-Inspired Products

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  • Scarlet

    Ok, most of those were rather disturbing. Who would wear those!?!?!?!?

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  • Isabel

    Alright this is getting ridiculous! If you know a single thing about the Percy Jackson fandom, it is that we are not obssesed with Logan Lerman. In fact most people do not enjoy for him due to the reason that he was a terrible Percy in the first movie.

  • Olivia Swensrud

    It needs homestuck ones

  • Sammy

    LOL the Twilight ones!!!