Quiz: Which TV Couple Would Make the Best Double-Date?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on a double-date with your favorite TV couple? There are so many great couples to choose from and they would all give you a totally different experience. Some couples would be fun and adventurous, while others would be low-key and mysterious. There’s a ton of TV couples, but we want you to match one couple with your personality. Take this quiz to figure out which couple you would fit best with!


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  • Sharkeisha

    I wish I had a boyfriend. I just broke up with my man Big Daddy (Jerome,) because he forgot about our one hour anniversary. How stupid is that?! I want a man who will remember to buy me a Mark Jacobs at our one hour anniversary. DO YOU UNDERSTAND JEROME?!?! Hey, at least your brother flirted with my last night, I guess you could say things are getting serious… GET A LIFE JEROME! WE R DONE!

  • dominique

    i thing Jessie and Toni they makeca cute couple

  • Brooke Bailey

    I think tony and Jessie would make a great couple……my heart was broken when Jessie and tony broke up

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