10 Things That Prove Katy Perry Can Crush Every Other Pop Star

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Panda Whale

Panda Whale

In case you haven’t heard, Katy Perry was appointed as UNICEF’s latest Goodwill Ambassador. (We even watched — in person! — as she signed her contract with the organization on December 3, 2013. NBD.) Yes, the Queen of “Roar” has another achievement to add to her seemingly never-ending list. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s our #1 choice for this week’s edition of… Woman Crush Wednesday!

Since we’re all about the singing sensation, we found 10 things that prove KP is basically perfection, and can crush every other pop star. Join us for the ride in the gallery here:

'Waking Up in Vegas'

She rocks a (heavy) headdress like nobody's business.

Photo: Capitol

'California Gurls'

Her boobs are bazookas.

Photo: Capitol


She's actually from outer space.

Photo: Capitol


She can legit produce fireworks. From her chest.

Photo: Capitol

'Last Friday Night'

She dominates the competition in the headgear department.

Photo: Capitol

'Part of Me'

Heck, she's part of the freaking army!

Photo: Capitol

'Wide Awake'

Look at that stare. It's unparalleled.

Photo: Capitol


Oh yeah, and she's the female Tarzan.

Photo: Capitol

'Teenage Dream'

All the while, she's still able to float among the clouds...

Photo: Capitol


...and take on Madagascar. She is now leading the charge as a Goodwill Ambassador!

Photo: Capitol

Ranking Katy Perry’s Video Looks from Wow to… WTF?!

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    fuck lady gaga. Katy is the best!!! :3

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  • twocut

    Excuse me have you never seen Lady Gaga

    • Ralph

      They’ve definitely seen Flopga. That’s why they picked Katy.

      • Heather

        “Flopping” (according to the uneducated gays on the internet) is Gaga selling more or less the same amount as her contemporaries. LOL!

  • Sammy

    Katy Perry is the queen!