10 Gorgeous Gals Who Harry Styles Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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If “sources” are to be believed, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went on a secret second date! While Kim K’s little sis has publicly denied that she’s anything other than ‘just friends’ with Hazza, the curly-haired Brit told reporters that he guesses they’re somewhat of an item during 1D Day after #Kenry was spotted out at dinner.

Then again, he’s also rumored to be dating an English fashion model now too, so… Oh, who knows? The youngest member of One Direction is always linked to someone. Whether they’re true or not, here are just 10 examples of women he’s “dated” (though, clearly there are more):

Felicity Skinner

Prior to his rise to stardom, Harry dated this lovely young lady. She refers to herself as Harry's "first love." Unfortunately, she's said that she hasn't been in contact with the 1D guy since summer 2010. Ouch.

Photo: Twitter (@FlissMay)

Caroline Flack

In December 2011, she was 32; he was 17! Thus, solidifying our knowledge of Harry's thing for cougars.

Photo: Twitter (@carolineflack1)

Lily Halpern

In April 2012, the singer was basically attacked for her "relationship" with Harry. However, she says that they "hung out in New York a few times," but that's pretty much that.

Photo: Getty

Emma Ostilly

In April 2012 (again), she was also rumored to be in a relaysh with Harry. Except this time there was actual evidence to support that as they were spotted kissing by the paps.

Photo: Twitter (@emmaostilly)

Emily Atack

One month after Emma, Harry had a 'thing' with this chick. She admitted it... three months later.

Photo: Twitter (@EmAtack)

Cara Delevingne

He sat front row at her fashion shows, drove side-by-side. Super cute, actually. Kinda liked it.

Photo: Twitter (@Caradelevingne)

Taylor Swift

Haylor. 'nuff said.

Photo: Twitter (@taylorswift13)

Rita Ora

Back in February 2013, they "flirted." Wow, they're practically married then, right? (Yes, we're being sarcastic.)

Photo: Twitter (@RitaOra)

Kendall Jenner

Like we said, they went on a date or two. But are they 'dating?' Hmm...

Photo: Instagram (@KendallJenner)

Daisy Lowe

But, wait a minute, he's also currently "seeing" this model. WHAT GOES ON??

Photo: Instagram (@daisylowe)

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