How Sucky the World Would Be if Ed Sheeran Didn’t Exist

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Wikia (Degrassi)

In case you weren't aware, Ed Sheeran's a pretty big deal around these parts. From his beautiful tunes to his sweet disposition, there really isn't anything that's not likable about the 22-year-old singer. So, we thought it'd be fun (yet mortifying) to find out what the life would be like if he never existed. Just as we suspected, it would suck!

Harry Styles would be without his bestie. (Notice Ed ROTFL at his twerk skills.)


One Direction songs would suffer without Ed's lyrical genius.


Ron Weasley would be, like, our only redhead love.

Tumblr (normalteenagerhere)

The "Lego House" music video would never have come to fruition.


There'd be about 1,000 fewer pieces of ink in the world.




Who else would Justin Bieber show modesty around?


PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive list would just be based on looks.


We'd never know what the Harry Potter bromance would equate to:


Finally, we'd be without one of the most genuine, heartfelt and talented acts out there today.


Be honest, do you think Ed Sheeran is sexy?

Dear Teen: Ed Sheeran Messages a Fan!

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  • amley smith

    These Gif is so very superb and awesome for watch .

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  • Sophia

    I saw him at the Tabernacle in Atlanta about a year ago before he was really big.. And he was ABSOLUTELY amazing. I think he is very attractive.. and very attractive in person! And he is such a genuine person! I love him bunches and honestly cannot wait for February to hear his new album!! oh and if you have not heard his new song.. you really need too! I see fire for the hobbit soundtrack, amazing

  • Angela

    Yes, Ed’s sexy as hell

  • Lena

    I really don’t think he’s sexy. But, he es cute and sweet.

    • leeeyyyannna


  • Hiba

    Ed saved alot of people , we all look up to him ! I the world would be hell without him.

  • Nancee Southwell

    These Gif is so funny and Humor for watch .

  • Sammy

    The world would definitely suck without him.