Ranking Robert Pattinson’s Many Characters From Hot to Ew

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Robert Pattinson has won over millions of fans with his unconventional good looks and goofball ways, but let's not forget that he's a talented actor as well. Sure, his abilities might not have been displayed in the best way thanks to the Twilight Saga, but we love him nonetheless.

In fact, his role as Edward Cullen (aka the worst boyfriend EVER) just shows that he's not afraid to take on any kind of character. So, we decided to round up some of his characters and rank them from HOT to gross. Check out our picks below!

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1. Cedric Diggory From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Golden Boy who meets a tragic end. This was pretty much our first introduction to Rob, and we won't soon forget it.

Warner Brothers

2. Jacob From Water For Elephants

A handsome man from the 1920's who wears suits and loves animals? Yeah, we're sold.

Fox 2000 Pictures

3. Eric Packer From Cosmopolis

OK, so the movie itself is kind weird, but Rob sure can pull off that suit, can't he?

Alfama Films

4. Tyler Hawkins From Remember Me

The ending of this movie is pretty depressing for those who have seen it, but that down-to-earth bad boy thing really works for him. Not to mention he looks insanely hot just being a normal person.


5. Rawdy Crawley From Vanity Fair

Rob's role in this movie is pretty tiny (seriously, he wan't even credited) but he sure can rock a period costume like nobodies business.

Focus Features

6. Georges Duroy From Bel Ami

Yet another role where Rob is wearing a period costume -- and looks handsome while doing so.

Redwave Films

7. Art From How to Be

OK, this is definitely not Rob at his best. But even in this get up, he still has some sort of weird appeal to us.

How To Be Films

8. Edward Cullen From The Twilight Saga

Sure, Edward Cullen has made millions of girls swoon, but he is a TERRIBLE boyfriend. He wants to KILL Bella. What about that is appealing?


9. Salvador Dali From Little Ashes

Yeah, the mustache pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

APT Films

10. Reynolds From The Rover

Rob is already pretty grungy IRL, but this movie takes things to another level. Oh, and we don't even want to show you what he did to his teeth for this role.

Porchlight Films

Details on Rob's latest role…

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    He was so cute in Harry Potter!