One Direction Reportedly in Talks For 10-Part Reality Show Special

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We already got a detailed look into the lives of One Direction thanks to their movie One Direction: This Is Us, but could we be getting even more? According to UK outlet The Daily Star, the British boy band is in talks to film a 10-part reality show that will chronicle their lives.

However, it would probably be a while until we'd get to see it. First of all, the series would most likely ONLY air in the UK as a series on ITV. Second, the show was reportedly supposed to start filming in February 2014 and chronicle their Where We Are stadium tour but things would most likely be pushed back since they've only have 14 days off in 2013. (!) So that means the show probably wouldn't air until later in 2014.

A reality show would certainly be an interesting turn for them, as they're already pretty exposed to the public. Not to mention, stars who chronicle their lives on T.V. usually do it for attention, and that's pretty much the last thing they need since their fans can get so intense.

Also, when the band was first emerging in 2012, there were reports they were going to do a show with Nickelodeon, but those plans were quickly shot down, much to the delight of fans.

What do YOU think about a potential One Direction reality show? Is it a good move for them? Or do you think they shouldn't do it? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • fruit

    A much as I would love to see more of their faces and them, I don’t think its a good idea, because they don’t get enough privacy as it is and this would pretty much take most of what they have away.

  • Grace

    I don’t think they should do it because they already don’t get enough privacy. Most television networks try to make the stars look worse than they actually are. And no offense but I think all reality tv show stars are over exposed. But i kinda want them to do it because i want to see Zayn and Perrie’s wedding!

  • Brooklyn

    I don’t thank they should do it because it’s way to early for them and the fans would just get way more out of hand then they already are and all there privacy will be gone there are a lot of ups and downs to this but there are more downs than ups so don’t do it don’t get me wrong I would love for them to do it but it would just get to out of hand sorry guys love you Niall Louis Zayne Liam Harry wish it were different

  • leslie

    cant wait for the concert!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arnel

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  • Edris

    Not a good idea, because I feel like it’s puting them on the spot and having the media say falsely things. Especially, when it comes to their relationships. Its just too personal and not a good time for them to have a reality show. The show should happen when they are in their late twenties.

  • Sammy