10 of the Most Outrageous Things Fans Have Done in Honor of Miley Cyrus

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Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

And GQ says she’s not influential. Pshh! We’ve got definitive proof that Miley Cyrus has plenty of influence over the public. Especially her young fans. Come on, who else could get students to pose nude on school statues? (Hey, we didn’t say she was always a positive influence.)

Click through our Miley Cyrus-filled gallery below to see 10 of the most extreme cases of dedication to the “We Can’t Stop” singer. Have any of your own additions? Tweet ‘em @teen, #TeenSmilers. We wanna see!

Hannah Montana Babies

In case you were ever wondering what the child-version would look like...

Photo: Flickr (bitemebarbie)

Buzz Cut

We've seen a lot of razors come out of the woodwork in the past year. #MileyHair

Photo: Instagram (@mrslilly1606)


33 students at a San Diego school were suspended for performing MiCy's signature move in a video. No prom or graduation either (allegedly). Umm...

Photo: YouTube


You know you saw at least 10 on Halloween 2013.

Photo: Instagram (@kwackissme)

Bear Costumes

Teddies will never be looked at the same way ever again.

Photo: Brit.co

'Wrecking Ball' Ornaments

Grandma's gonna love it when she comes by for the holidays, we're sure of it.

Photo: Tumblr (aloh4vibe)

Riding Monuments Like Wrecking Balls

A Michigan college had to take down its renowned pendulum sculpture after students began imitating Miley's provocative music video moves.

Photo: Vine (Nicci_Joyce)

MORE 'Wrecking Ball' Imitations

Because this is sanitary.

Photo: Instagram (@robbie_lee_rc)

Bleached Eyebrows

Okay, we were joking when we created #MileyBrows, but some people took it very seriously.

Photo: Instagram (@callie_roney)

MC Ink

Get this — the dude's over 40 years old, and has over 20(!) Miley Cyrus tattoos.

Photo: Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

An In-Depth Look at Miley Cyrus’ Career Timeline

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4 Responses to "10 of the Most Outrageous Things Fans Have Done in Honor of Miley Cyrus"

  1. Teen.com
    selena macanzee says:

    its vry depressing i loved meley but now its just so tereble

  2. Teen.com
    Chanel. says:

    Oh my gosh.. that’s horrible. Grow up.

  3. Teen.com
    Sav says:

    What was he thinking does he even have a wife ?

  4. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    These are horrible.

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