Trend Alert: 7 of Your Fave Hotties in Rainbow Suits!

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When most people think of suiting up, they think of boring old black or gray suits. However, these celebs aren't afraid to show some serious color when it comes to their wardrobe! Yes, while some people choose to stick with tradition when putting on their suit and tie, stars such as Robert Pattinson and Darren Criss show off their unique style with colorful suits.

In fact, there's literally a rainbow of colored suits that celebs have worn over the years. (And yes, we were able to find one for EVER Roy G. Biv color.) Check them out by clicking through the gallery below!

1. Armie Hammer (Red)


2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Orange)

Getty Images

3. Solange Knowles (Yellow)


4. Robert Pattinson (Green)


5. Darren Criss (Blue)


6. Ryan Gosling (Indigo)


7. Robert Downey, Jr. (Violet)

Getty Images

Get details on Rob's latest film…

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  • Traci

    Where can we purchase suits with color

  • Sammy

    Those colors all look good on them!