10 of the Smartest Teen.com Comments of 2013

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Here at Teen, feedback is always appreciated. We love to write posts that get people talking, and this year’s biggest stories were no exception. While some readers simply post comments to express an opinion, there are those that bring a certain sense of insight to the subject at hand.

Whether you guys are discussing a feud, break up, or diss, there were definitely some reader comments this year that really made us think. So, we rounded up 10 of the most insightful comments from 2013 that came straight from our Teen readers. Check them out below!

1. Haylor's Split

Elle: "That is completely offensive!!! Calling EVERY directioner crazy and weird while you may only know a few. You don’t know all of us, you can’t judge everyone based on a few people!!!!!"


2. Justin Bieber's Grammy Snub

Camren: "although i love justin, i don’t think believe deserved a nom, there really wasn’t any outstanding songs like the other pop albums in his category. scooter kept tweeting about statistics of how big his album is, but truth is, and fortunately this is the truth, Grammys are still all about the music, not popularity or money like those other award shows, like people’s choice or something. the Grammys are still awards about how the music is...if the music isn’t that great compared to the others in the category, too bad."


3. Ariana Grande & Jai Brook's Twitter Feud

Maggie M: "This shouldn’t be so public and neither of them seem in the slightest bit “over it” like they keep saying. Along with the fans the issue is being blown out of proportion. This kind of thing happens to teenagers in every day life, why should everyone dwell on this?"


4. Demi Lovato's Taylor Swift Diss

Hannah: "I doubt Demi was dissing Taylor, she’s got more class than that. She’s not the kind of person to lash out in “jealousy”, especially considering her voice kicks Taylor’s to next week. Taylor could take a page from Demi’s book to be honest (Grammys Harry diss). But Taylor deserves whatever she gets regardless, she’s talented, but she built this reputation for herself all on her own."


5. Theo James Cast as Four in Divergent

Hithere: "I didn’t think of theo james at first when I was looking at good people for tobias. He does seem a little old, but that’s fine with me. I think he’ll do a great job and well see what happens. I don’t think people should judge him before they even see a trailer for the divergent movie. He might not look exactly as a lot of people imagined tobias to be, but people kept saying that about Jennifer Lawrence as well and now everyone loves her!!!"


6. Jelena's Brief Reunion

Abby: "Well I’ve Never Liked Selena But If Justin Is Really Gonna Take Her Back. Let Him. He Loves Her And I Want To See Him Happy! If She Makes Him Happy Then Let Them Be Happy!"


7. The Wanted vs. One Direction

Alex: "You can tell they tried so hard to not say anything rude about 1D, because no matter what they say they’re gonna be the bad guys, although both groups can be immature. I love The Wanted and I will always support them, but they need to stop answering questions about 1D. They are lovely guys, but this whole situation with One Direction is giving them a bad reputation."


8. Vampire Academy vs. Twilight

Kristy: "Twilight focuses mainly on the “love” between Edward and Bella. Her love for Edward is what drives nearly every decision that Bella makes. Vampire Academy is about so much more than that! To me one of the greatest “love stories” in VA is the relationship between Rose and Lissa. They are best friends and sisters who would do ANYTHING for each other!"

The Weinstein Company

9. Stephenie Meyers Admits She's 'So Over' Twilight

Saskia: "I can’t help but think about how J K Rowling probably wouldn’t say something like this if her life depended on it. A novel that has brought an author and their fans so much joy, and has lead to amazingly popular feature films should not be an unhappy place to be.This just fuels the idea that Twilight wasn’t brilliant in the first place, especially compared to other series’ like HP…"


10. Lorde vs. Selena Gomez

Simeon Gates: "Actually, Lorde has a legitimate “celebrity status.” And all people have the right to state their opinion, no matter what their “status.” Personally, I see where she was coming from, but I don’t think she’s right. I’m not on anyone’s side. And you shouldn’t judge people because of their popularity. That’s what I’M saying to YOU."


Selena talks Lorde diss…

10 Celebs Who’ve Been Dissed By Lorde

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