Ranking the Glee Guest Stars by Level of Awesomeness (including Skylar Astin!)

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Tumblr (Billboard)

Tumblr (Billboard)

Glee‘s trying really hard to get on our good side. After featuring a (former) hottie of Pretty Little LiarsBryce Johnson a.k.a. the now-deceased Detective Wilden — on the Season 5 holiday episode, “Previously Unaired Christmas,” word got out that there will be another Teen dude on the dramedy — Skylar Astin!

Darren Criss posts on Instagram, “Me, @ChordOverstreet & @SkylarAstin… And a #DramaticSelfie for you all. So glad to have our buddy Skylar on #Glee!” That’s triple the hotness!

So, we felt the need to acknowledge 12 of Glee‘s most notable celebrity cameos/guest stars (because if we did ’em all, we’d be here all day), and rank them from worst to first. Join us in the gallery below, and make sure to list your personal favorites in the comments!

12. Lindsay Lohan

Did she even have a line? Yes, we believe she had A line. Something about 'comebacks.' Yeah, that really worked out for her.

Photo: FOX

11. Anna Camp

The only reason Anna's appearance isn't considered a high level of awesome is because we didn't even know who she was at the time. Pitch Perfect came out three years later!

Photo: FOX

10. Sarah Jessica Parker

Let's be honest — "Let's Have a Kiki" was an embarrassment.

Photo: FOX

9. Peter Facinelli

The Twilight dad's appearances are barely promoted. It's like the show doesn't even acknowledge him as a celebrity, and just makes him out to be some rando playing the part (which he might as well be).

Photo: FOX

8. Ricky Martin

"La Isla Bonita" was beautiful. We only wish it wasn't prefaced by "I'm Sexy and I Know It."

Photo: FOX

7. John Stamos

Totally appreciated the show's attempt to bring back the Uncle Jesse hair.

Photo: FOX

6. Matt Bomer

Still have "Somebody That I Used to Know" on replay. True story.

Photo: FOX

5. Kate Hudson

Who knew she could bust out all those mayj moves?

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)

4. Neil Patrick Harris

NPH can do no wrong. No really, "Dream On" was priceless.

Photo: FOX

3. Skylar Astin

We haven't even seen his stint, but we know it's gonna be all types of awesome.

Photo: Instagram (@darrencriss)

2. Britney Spears

A Britney Spears tribute episode complete with Britney Spears. Does it get any better than that?

Photo: FOX

1. Demi Lovato


Photo: Twitter (@NayaRivera)

“I Think Glee Should Be Canceled Already”

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  • Jess

    You guys missed Gwyneth and Adam and Whoopi and Tyra Banks!!

  • Harriet

    I’m gonna say it… Matt Bomer should, without a doubt, have been number 1. The only episode he was in he made more of an impression than people who have been guest stars on for a whole series!

    also, you’re telling me SJP was low down in the list because of ‘Kiki’?
    A) that song was ridiculously silly and funny and VERY MUCH GLEE.
    and B) Her scenes with Kurt were amazing!

    Plus yeah, definitely needs some Gwyneth in here… and Kristin Chenoweth… and Josh Groban!

  • Wyckland

    Seems like someone forgot to put GWYNETH PALTROW on the list.

  • Sammy


  • Domenica

    neil was the best