10 of the Most Impressive Tattoos Inspired by The Hunger Games

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Hunger Games Fandom

Hunger Games Fandom

Some fans go to extreme lengths to prove their dedication to the entities they idolize. (Note the various stages of fangirling here.) Showing love via ink is one such way. However, whether or not it’s a good idea to permanently etch yourself with what may be a temporary fascination isn’t in question today. Instead, we’re here to celebrate some of the markings thought up by the most dedicated fans of The Hunger Games.

Yes, we rounded up 10 of the most impressive tattoos inspired by the Suzanne Collins-created book series. If you’ve got one such mark yourself, make sure to tweet it @teen, #TeenTHGInk. We really wanna see!

Dual Mockingjays

Photo: Tattoo Set

Real or Not Real?

Photo: We Heart It

Floral Mockingjay

Photo: Book Nerd Reviews

More Than Just a Piece in Their Games

Photo: Pinterest

Finnick Quote

Photo: Pinterest

Birds in Flight

Photo: Beauty Riot

Mockingjay on Fire

Photo: Beauty Riot

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Photo: Tattoo Set

Mockingjay Dream Catcher

Photo: We Heart It

'Deep in the Meadow'

Photo: Tattoo Set

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  • alexis

    tats are not good but a couple were good

  • Mary

    I would totally do this because i’m a Hunger Games mega-fan

    • Claike

      I am always so torn on the issue of tatoots. Do I really like something enough to want it forever and ever? Josh has two: one is my name the other is actually newer, and it’s something we designed. The 5 traits of a man (that God has shown him), and it provides LOTS of cool conversations. His family HATES them .

  • Sammy

    These are awesome!