Sad, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Already Broke Up

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WENNSorry to break it to you, Nariana shippers — after less than half a year of dating, singers Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes have called it quits.

On Wednesday night, when asked about her "boyfriend" during a radio interview (via E! Online), the "Baby I" girl responded, "You're a little behind," adding "We're really good friends." Umm, what the heck happened??

This comes as a shock to many fans of the "Almost is Never Enough" crooners, after their romance caused quite a stir with ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks, along with his brother, Luke, and Ariana's brother, Frankie. Plus, did you watch Nathan's serenade? It was so freaking sweet!

While it's not certain as to what happened that caused the rift, we hope that both Ariana and Nathan are in good places. What do you think of the breakup? Did you ship Nariana? Were you Team Jai all along? Or should Ariana stay in singledom for now? Spill in the comments below.

Waitaminute — did Ariana Grande get a boob job??

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  • Kellie

    Nathan wasn’t that cute anyways… as soon as I found out they were dating I knew it wasn’t going to last…tbh…no offense…

  • Sammy

    They didn’t break up.

  • tori

    She was talking about her relationship with jai. The interviewer got his information wrong. She asked about the sloth she rented for jai. And that’s when she said what she did. So now everyone is assuming it’s about Nathan and her.

  • Anansa Sellers

    Awww,They were the cuties cupple, but every relationship has that one problem.