10 Romitri Moments That’ll Set Your Vampire Academy Hearts on Fire

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Tumblr (keepcalmcomrade)

Tumblr (keepcalmcomrade)

There’s less than two months until the release of what’s going to be the next best book-turned-movie — we’re calling it now — Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. Have you seen the epic trailer yet?? But before the film hits theaters for all the world to witness and fawn over, we rounded up 10 hot moments between Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky‘s characters that’ll set your hearts on fire.

Vampire Academy hits theaters on February 14, 2014. Which character are you most excited to see come to life on the big screen? Check out 10 Romitri pictures in the gallery below, then tell us in the comments!

Ah, Romitri...

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Training

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Walking

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Staring at Each Other

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Laughing

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Fighting

Photo: The Weinstein Company

More Fighting

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Oh My...

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Romitri Getting Hot & Heavy

Photo: The Weinstein Company


Photo: The Weinstein Company

10 Ways Zoey Deutch is the Biggest Bad-Ass

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  • Ari

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Mac-Kenziarh

    xtremely HOOOOOOOT omg taken ma breathe away 4ever or until i c another HOT guy which z not possible at o not even Taylor Lautner can compare to this hank SO HOT!!!!!!!

  • Melinda

    Danila is so hot enough he is amazingly hot

  • Sammy

    Can’t wait!

  • Samii

    So excited but he’s just not hot enough… I don’t know!
    Can’t wait though!

    • Keira

      Danila is super hot, look for more pictures of him, super nice with the fans on Twitter and he is considered the best actor of his generation in Russia. We got the best Russian actor to play Dimitri, you should be very VERY happy. 😉

  • angie

    so Excited! 😉