Fashion Oops! Stylish Celebrities Who Failed on the Red Carpet This Week

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We’re ba-ack. After a brief hiatus for the holidays, it’s time for more Fashion Oops — the first of 2014! As per youge, we’re bringing you the worst celebrity looks from the past week. None were too terrible, but you can definitely expect some va-va-voom. (After all, New Year’s Eve just passed.) From Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry to Macklemore, see the most unimpressive ensembs:

Paris Hilton at Hyde Night Club

Trashy > classy

Photo: WENN

Demi Lovato on ET Canada

Anyone else getting a Matrix vibe?

Photo: ET Canada

ICONA POP at The Bank Night Club

Hmm, if the blue plaid were tapered in the middle, we're probably appreciate it more.

Photo: WENN

Miley Cyrus on Dick Clarks' New Year's Rockin' Eve

Well, it's not the worst MiCy look we've seen.

Photo: Getty

Katy Perry on the Red Carpet for Britney: Piece of Me

As pajamas? Yes. For the red carpet? No.

Photo: WENN

Macklemore on Dick Clarks' New Year's Rockin' Eve


Photo: WENN

Ashlee Simpson in West Hollywood

This look works perfectly for our slumming it like a celeb guide.

Photo: WENN

Kat Graham on the NIVEA Kiss Stage

Kat's facially flawless; mermaid dresses just aren't our cup of tea.

Photo: Getty

The 13 Worst Fashion Moments of 2013

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5 Responses to "Fashion Oops! Stylish Celebrities Who Failed on the Red Carpet This Week"

    Jemima says:

    kat looked AMAZING i think you should just stop doing these red carpet fails because they all look awesome and im pretty sure 90% of viewers will agree with me! so just stop doing them?

    Shobi says:

    Just saying none of them were that FAIL! Most of them were just…well…different… Although I gonna have to admit that Macklemore…well lets just say that is not a everyday outfit let alone the freakin RED CARPET!!!

    Sammy says:

    Miley looks horrific!

    Zara says:

    Macklemore DID NOT look bad. That was the coolest outfit EVER. In fact none of these were bad!

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