15 Former Couples Who Worked Together After Their Breakup

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Tumblr (blakelivley)

Tumblr (blakelivley)

Talk about professionalism. While it may be hard for some to look their former significant other’s in the eyes after calling it quits, these celebrities found ways to work together on-screen or via music without the demised-relationship drama. Heck, some of ’em were even forced to get hot and heavy with their exes like they had all the chemistry in the world.

In honor of Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman‘s post-breakup makeout sesh on the season premiere of Teen Wolf, here are 15 former couples who worked together after splitting up:

Crystal Reed & Daniel Sharman

Crystal revealed on Fashion Police, "We just started filming yesterday, and our very first scene was a makeout scene. But the thing is, we had four months between over hiatus, so I did my thing and he did his thing. We're still friends."

Photo: MTV

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley

Prior to the end of Gossip Girl, the twosome called it quits in real life. Fortunately, that did not affect the final episodes — their characters got married! Must've been uncomfortable for real-life husband Ryan Reynolds though.

Photo: The CW

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

Nian split in real life; Delena split on The Vampire Diaries. If someone doesn't do something to fix either (preferably both) of these soon, we're gonna flip out.

Photo: The CW

Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia

At least their breakup couldn't cause too many changes to the Heroes script. After all, he did play her uncle.

Photo: NBC

Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz

They were together for years before they met their relationship demise. But it definitely proved to be amicable as they CHOSE — and were not forced — to work together on Bad Teacher. Bravo, guys, bravo.

Photo: Columbia

Rachel Bilson & Adam Brody

Well, at least The O.C.'s Seth & Summer end up married on the show.

Photo: FOX

Nikki Reed & Robert Pattinson

Even more awkwardly, RPattz fell for his other Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart.

Photo: Summit

Gwen Stefani & Tony Kanal

Thankfully, No Doubt didn't suffer the consequences.

Photo: WENN

Jessica Szohr & Ed Westwick

We're sure the on-again/off-again couple, who met on the set of Gossip Girl, will get back together real soon. And then split again... and then get back together.

Photo: The CW

Johnny Galecki & Kaley Cuoco

Guess things are fine between 'em. The Big Bang Theory's still doing its thing, and KC just got herself hitched to another dude IRL!

Photo: CBS

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

They ended up going into business with one another post-divorce, so we're pretty sure things ended on friendly terms.

Photo: WENN

Rihanna & Chris Brown

When they recorded "Turn Up the Music" together after the infamous, uhh, incident, Rihanna said it made musical sense to collaborate because Chris was on top of the charts at the time. Okay...

Photo: Instagram (@badgalriri)

Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson

Honestly, they were cute in real life, but we hate that their characters got together on Dawson's Creek. Can we switch it so they worked out IRL, but not on the show? Kgreatthx.

Photo: The WB

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower

It hasn't happened yet, but the couple formerly known as Jamily will make their return to the set of The Mortal Instruments this year. Hopefully sparks will fly again 'cause we <3.

Photo: Screen Gems

Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray

Most notoriously of 'em all, the stars of One Tree Hill were forced to work together on their hit show after Chad allegedly cheated on his then-wife Sophia with his House of Wax co-star, Paris Hilton. Blehhh.

Photo: The CW

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  • Cristela

    I’m sorry, but Pacey & Joey were and still are one of my favorite tv couples!

  • Lauren

    I NEED Jamily back together…

  • Kirstin

    OMG, Pacey&Joey were my favorite couple in Dawsons Creek, I SO disagree with you guys on that.

  • Sammy