13 Underrated TV Characters Who Deserve Shows of Their Own

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All Gen XYZ

All Gen XYZ

It seems as if the universe television industry has answered our prayers when it comes to certain spin-offs — from iCarly & Victorious came Sam & Cat, from Pretty Little Liars came Ravenswood, from The Vampire Diaries came The Originals, etc. Are they all as wonderful at the TV series they originated from? No, but we still appreciate the effort.

But what about all those other characters who deserve their own spotlights, too? You know, like Naya Rivera‘s sassy alter ego. Take a look at 13 of our top choices for roles that we need to see get their own TV shows:

Stiles, Teen Wolf

Scott's great and all, but how amazing would it be to see Dylan O'Brien's dorky character run around, or even just talk to himself, for a whole hour?

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Santana, Glee

Let's face it, we all love her. In her own words, she keeps it real and she's hilarious.

Photo: FOX

Captain Hook, Once Upon a Time

How hot would this be?! Plus, we're kinda getting bored with the other storylines on OUAT.

Photo: ABC

Katherine, The Vampire Diaries

Not that The Originals isn't awesome, but Nina Dobrev's OTHER character has got enough attitude to keep us entertained on her own.

Photo: The CW

Tim, Friday Night Lights

Who wouldn't wanna see Taylor Kitsch make his return to the small screen?

Photo: NBC

Tamara, Awkward.

Forget the Jenna and Matty dramz, we wanna see more of Jillian Rose Reed's spunky alter ego.

Photo: MTV

Schmidt, New Girl

Our minds are racing with the possibilities for Schmidt Happens.

Photo: FOX

Manny, Degrassi: The Next Generation

Girl's magnetic, charming, confident, and has great hair — basically perfection.

Photo: The N

Jess, Gilmore Girls

We're dying to know what happened to Rory's bad boy second love.

Photo: The WB

Naomi & Emily, Skins

They had the most enriching storyline of the entire show. Who cares about Effie's love triangle drama? Naomi & Emily brought on the teen struggles of sexuality and learning to understand yourself.

Photo: E4

Chuck, Gossip Girl

But before he married Blair. You know, during his "I'm Chuck Bass"/DGAF years.

Photo: The CW

Jim & Pam, The Office


Photo: NBC

Seth, The O.C.

Come on, this would be EPIC.

Photo: FOX

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  • Erica

    If you think Santana deserves her own show, please stop writing because that’s an awful character

    • Kate

      I’m sorry, but I think that you just said that Santana is an awful character? Of course, you are completely entiled to your own opinions as I am to mine, but what do you mean by awful? As in rude and b*****? Like she’s supposed to be? Or is Naya Rivera’s or the creators fault for creating a character with a messy plot?

      Honestly, Santana Lopez is my favourite character because even though she is the mean, b******, popular girl, she doesn’t get eeverything she ever wanted and is seriously misunderstood and overlooked.

  • jane

    Only if Katherine doesn’t die in the next episode…

  • Sammy