Ariana Grande Ditches Ponytail; Debuts “New Weave” on Instagram

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This is Ariana Grande's hair as we all know it (sans Victorious red, obvi):


But, as of 2014, the "Baby I" singer's ready to take on a style we rarely see on her. Say goodbye to her signature half-up/half-down 'do, and hello to…

Instagram (@arianagrande)

We know, it's, like, TOTAL transformation status over here. On Instagram, the 20-year-old said of her locks, "ciao pony tail, it's been real.. new year new music new projects new chapter new weave," adding "rip" to her former look. Perhaps she's rethinking her more innocent appearance after Miley Cyrus' comment last month? For those who aren't familiar, here's a refresher: "[Ariana]'s trying. I see her wearing the shorter things. She comes in, and she goes, 'This made me feel like you.' And I'm like, 'That was like my sixth grade prom dress.'"

What do you think of Ariana Grande's hair change-up? Do you think she should style it down more often, or do you miss her usual half-up/half-down 'do? Tell us in the comments below!

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13 Responses to "Ariana Grande Ditches Ponytail; Debuts “New Weave” on Instagram"

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    Dany says:

    cute Ariana

    zayn says:

    I love Ariana ….
    and I love her music..
    and I LOVE HER NeW hairstyle..<3

    mimo says:

    i think she is so cute and her voice is perfect and she is normal i mean she is so modest

    Lx says:

    I think that the new change of hairstyle is cool but the ariana grande hairstyle should be the half up half down ponytail because it simply just suits her cute look. I’m not really sure how long this hairstyle is going to last for though because on her YouTube video she stated that she can’t go a day without not having her ponytail up! I just hope she doesn’t change anything ekes about her

    minalll says:

    though i”m a directioner but i must say shes reall cute and her voice is <3

    cody says:

    i think she fake and she a follower she not even cute no more she just blended in with the rest of every other star

      Jake says:

      And I think your a STUPID ASS MOTHER FUCKING HATER,SO SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop talking about her.Your just mad cuz U NO SHES FUCKING PRETTY,STUPID ASS BITCH I’m tired of this shit.

    Jane says:

    Definitely Ariana

    Carla says:

    Honestly, I think she looked her best in Season 1 of Victorious. And she seems like a very nice person, but I just don’t understand why she has to pose like a lost baby deer exuding innocence, on the verge of crying for, I don’t know, innocence overload, the death of a bunny, a fire in her home forest or something, when she could be, you know, herself. So yeah, I like how she looks with her hair down because not only does it look better but I also think it’s a step towards her getting rid of (or freeing herself from) that childish image she works so hard to maintain. (But I still like her better pre-Season 2, all straight red hair, no fake tan and simple but cool makeup).

      unknown says:

      Who are you to say that she’s not being herself, and there’s nothing, childish, or wrong with that. Who are you to say how this 20 year old should be, it’s not your call to make!

    Sammy says:

    It looks pretty!

  11. […] in the balance. But a few days into the new year, like a chance sunbeam piercing the clouds, she put up a photo WITHOUT IT. With her hair COMPLETELY DOWN. It was a 2014 miracle, with villagers rejoicing in the street, […]

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