Keyboard Drool: 13 Hot TV Families You Wish You Were Born Into

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Over the years we've fallen in love with certain families on TV. Shows like The O.C., Gilmore Girls, and Pretty Little Liars, have all given us some pretty awesome families to watch each week. Each family is fun, entertaining, and EXTREMELY good looking. Seriously, casting directors deserves major props for putting these fake families together.

These beautiful families have been gracing our TV screens for many years. Remember The Camdens from 7th Heaven? Beautiful! The Scotts from One Tree Hill? Gorgeous! To give you more examples, we've made a gallery of the 13 hottest TV families of all time — both whether they're real or fictional! Check it out below and then tell us, which family do you think is the hottest of them all? Let us know in the comments below!

1. The Russos

This family put a spell on audiences everywhere with their good looks. Seriously, could the Russo kids be any cuter?


2. The Puckermans

These guys are handsome, talented, and charming. Triple threats!


3. The Salvatores

Just LOOK at them! This family has excellent genes.


4. The Montgomerys

This family is gorgeous. Need we say more?


5. The Mercers

The Lying Game may be over, but we're still not over how beautiful the Mercer girls are!


6. The Wilsons

This family went through some hard times, but looking back at this season one photo reminds us of how gorgeous they are! Even grandma Wilson is beautiful!


7. The Humphreys

We need Gossip Girl to come back on just so we can see these faces on our screens every week. Sigh, there's always Netflix, right?!


8. The Cohens

The Cohen family had everything! Love, humor, and good looks!


9. The Scotts

The Scotts definitely had their ups and downs with each other. Here's a lovely picture of the three fighting while looking really good, we miss this show!


10. The Vegas

How amazing is this picture of the Vega family? We need a Victorious reunion special ASAP!


8. The Mikaelsons

Now this is one family we wouldn't want to mess with. They are powerful, strong, and gorgeous!


9. The Kardashian/Jenner Family

How could we not include the Kardashian/Jenner family on this list? Just look at them! Gorgeous!


10. The Camdens

We grew up watching this family and couldn't get enough of hot older brother Matt and the beautiful oldest sister Mary. This family was seriously good looking!

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  • taz

    The Kardashian/Jenner fam!

  • Sammy

    The Russos!