Quiz: Which Hollywood Hottie Is Your Dream Date?

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What kind of guy are you looking for in 2014? A musician? A jokester? A heartthrob? A vampire? If you said yes to all four (LOL!), then we have the perfect guys in mind for you! Harry Styles, Dylan O’Brien, Zac Efron, and Robert Pattinson are four Hollywood hotties we think would make a great date. Need an escort for your winter formal? Which one of these four hotties would be your dream date? Take this personality quiz to see which one you belong with! Let us know who you get paired with in the comments below!


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  • lntf

    Yay! I got Robert. He is so hot.:D

  • Nicole

    I love Zac and Dylan!!!!!



  • Sharon

    OMG!!! I got Harry Styles, yay me!!!! I love Harry Styles

  • Alexandra

    I want Zac! , but why I get Harry?! I always get Harry in the other quiz

    • Qiang

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  • Hailey

    Dyan O’ Brien I wish Brendon Urie was on there but i like Dyan anyway to

  • Britany

    I think Ross Lynch should be in the quiz

  • Cindy

    Omg. I got Harry styles. I don’t even like him

  • Nastya

    Oh. My. God…
    People, come on!
    All this “hotties” are just kids….and not hot at all
    They all are just handsome. Someone more and someone less…
    Poor you if you don`t see it(

    P.S. Seriously?! Justin Bieber??!! How old are you, 10???

  • Odalys

    Bruno Mars is so hot

  • diamond

    harry styles is so hot and Justin bieber is so hot to <3

  • Ellie

    Harry styles

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  • destinee

    i think the hollywood hottie is harry styles because he is my favorie person and he is so sexy.

  • Monica

    Dylan o’brien and zac efron my dream date