Selena Gomez Up for Worst Actress at the 2014 Razzie Awards

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Today didn't just reveal the nominations for the 86th Academy Awards; it also marks the release of the 2014 Razzie Awards nominees. Woot woot. In case you're not familiar, the Razzies honor the worst of the worst, as far as movies go. And guess who's up for one of the "prestigious" trophies for her work — Selena Gomez!

Alongside Lindsay Lohan (The Canyons), Halle Berry (The Call & Movie 43), Naomi Watts (Diana & Movie 43) and Tyler Perry (A Madea Christmas), the 21-year-old star is up for Worst Actress. Major bummer for Selenators, we know. But, you know, as much as we love ourselves some Selenita, we kinda agree with this nomination, and here's why:

First off, we've seen The Getaway, which is what earned the Worst Actress nod for the "Come and Get It" singer, and it was one of the least exciting and least memorable films of 2013 (hence the box-office bomb). Why it wasn't sent straight to DVD, we have zero idea.

There was a complete lack of chemistry between her and Ethan Hawke. They weren't supposed to be romantic or anything, but there should've been something to indicate that they clicked, but it seemed like they didn't even like being in each other's presence on- and off-camera. The script absolutely sucked; all Selena's characters lines consisted of calling Ethan's an a-hole for the better part of two hours. Plus, Selena as a pseudo-tough chick? Not buying any of it.

Honestly, we don't think anyone — even Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson — could've pulled off the role. It was just… bad — in our opinion, anyway. But what do you think? Does SelGo deserve this kind of recognition? Did you actually like The Getaway? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Selena Gomez message board.

Get the details on Selena Gomez's tour cancellation:

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  • Ashley

    She doesn’t deserve the award.. Look at Wizard of Waverly Place.. Its just she was following what the director says.. Get Away isn’t a good movie but what Selena was doing is just following the director.. Its not her fault.. I don’t blame her..Everyone should STOP HATING SELENA

  • Snugglebunny

    How did she get into acting anyway? And I’m well pissed with her, she tries to date everyone. She’s trying to do niall and Justin at once? Jesus! Don’t she get tired? And for god’s sake she is not stunning she is just like the rest of us!

  • Lola

    HATERS GONNA HATE! shelly G rocks!

  • kamilly

    que isso selena gomez

  • karen

    No Selena Gomez does not deserve this award. if you actually think about it, it wasnt the acting that sucked it was the role. the role wasnt right for her. shes an amazing actress!! rememeber when she was known as ”Alex Russo” in Wizards Of The Waverly Place back then on Disney Channel. She was on point. yeah she WAS kinda of a better actress back then but that doesnt make her the worst actress!!

    • Ashe

      Your write

    • Alloe

      آبان ۱۲, ۱۳۹۱I’ve come to collect a pcearl what vid were you guys watching? this vid didn’t really boost my morale at all I’ve seen amateurs do better.. I’m not talkin down but this vid is so-so

  • Ashley

    Wow all you people are being so mean to her! At lest selena did not get out of disney and started twerking her but of, she has some class. Yes she did do spring breakers but she still is an amazing person and is nice.

  • Sabrina_Chanel

    I strongly dislike Selena. She is not a good actress in my opinion and especially in the movie “Spring Breakers” she did horrible and she lost respect from many, including me. Whenever I ‘Google’ Selena it brings up her face, when really I am trying to look up the one who died in 1995. NOT Selena GOMEZ. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone has a unique talent, but Selena, I do not think it is acting anymore.

    • Antrocitythat B****

      You can suck it u rat bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she still got mo cash than yo momma and u put together.

  • Cara

    OMG! Amaze girl I am totes with you !!!!!

  • @antrocitythatB****

    Yall can stop hatin on selena she out there getting paper while your in yo momma basement somewhere hatin HOD wham dare some one to say somtin to me she my girl for life who want it #when you ready come and get it #in my selena gomezz voice she been the since wizards of waverly place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Standin on all ten toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Team selena all day.

  • Sammy


  • Shelly

    She totally deserves this award. the point of an actress is to bring the role to life and convince the audience. which she did not do, yeah she did what the director asked but the blame can’t be put on him. she’s the actress and a sucky one at that

  • molly

    She didn’t write the script, she was just doing what the director and writers said. Also, I dont think these kind of “awards” should even be allowed. Society has enough encouragement on bullying and this is just emphasising that more. This is a form of bullying and it needs to be stopped.

    • Kimmy

      I’m all for anti-bullying, but what you’re suggesting is a bit extreme. Firstly, these awards are meant to be in good fun. It’s like vote for the worst. Or the Darwin Award. Or really any other comedic parody. Second, by having an award for the best, it insinuates that there is a worst. Are you suggesting there be no Oscars or Emmys or any other award show? Which brings me to my third point, competition is competition. And while it may seem like bullying, by oppressing competition, you actually move closer to a dystopic society where everybody is equally good (or bad) at everything. Let’s face it now, some people are better at things than others. We’re supposed to be unique and we’re supposed to compete.

      • Vicki

        Wow, you’re the most intelligent person on this website. I completely agree with you.

    • Vicki

      I think both are to blame. Although the script was most likely horribly written, part of it is Miss Gomez’ fault. Her acting just wasn’t very good. Many actors can do great things with their characters even with a horrible or under-par script (Just look at Karen Gillan in Doctor Who or Meryl Streep in August. Osage. County.). Miss Gomez didn’t do a great job at acting nor did the writers do a good job at writing.

  • emily

    wow! she mean

  • Monica

    The movie sucked but her acting wasn’t that bad. She was just playing her part. She doesn’t deserve to get that kind of recognition but She doesn’t deserve to get an oscar either.

    • Emily

      i know

    • Abbie

      I totally agree. The movie wasn’t the best, but if you think back to Wizards of Waverly Place, that was one of the most popular shows on Disney. She isn’t a bad actress. Not saying that she’s up there with all of the greats though either.