Rating (Hot!) British Actors on Their American Accents

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We've brought it up before, but a lot of (hot!) British talents are taking over American roles. Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kick-Ass; Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim — you get it. You won't hear any complaints from us about it though… well, not a lot anyway.

While we fully commend a lot of the English for taking on an entirely different dialect than their own, there are some who are clearly masters of varying tongues and others… not so much. So, we're rating some of the most notable British actors using American accents on a scale of 1-10. Follow along with us, then tell us your personal ratings for the hotties in the comments!

Sam ClaflinThe Lost Future
RATING: 2. Love you, Sam. Like, a lot. But it's not the best thing we've ever heard.
Same goes for the accent in Catching Fire. "Do you wawnt a shoogir cewb?"
Theo JamesDivergent
RATING: 8. He even keeps his accent the whole time he's on the set. Gotta give him props.

Robert PattinsonTwilight
RATING: 6. At least in the first film. The talent blossomed more and more as the saga progressed.
Andrew GarfieldThe Social Network
RATING: 9. Did you even know he was British while watching TSN?
And he's even more brilliant in The Amazing Spider-Man, if possible.
Emma WatsonThe Perks of Being a Wallflower
RATING: 1. No, no, no, NO! Never do this again, Emma. EVER.
Alex PettyferBeastly
RATING: 9. He even takes on a Southern accent in The Butler, which is all the more impressive.
Douglas BoothLOL
RATING: 4. Stick to traditional English there, Romeo.
Nicholas HoultX-Men: First Class
RATING: 8. If it wasn't for Skins, we prob would've thought this was his usual way of speak.
Tom FeltonRise of the Planet of the Apes
RATING: 3. Was he even trying to sound American? Not even sure.
Daniel SharmanTeen Wolf
RATING: 7. Kinda goes in and out of it, but it's decent enough.
Max IronsThe Host
RATING: 9. His legendary papa should be proud.
Daniel RadcliffeKill Your Darlings
RATING: 5. Maybe it's the time period that's throwing us off.
Josh BowmanSo Undercover
RATING: 7. He's gotten a little better as Daniel Grayson on Revenge though.
Ed WestwickGossip Girl
RATING: 9. Come on, he's Chuck Bass.
Henry CavillMen of Steel
RATING: 8. Everything but the R's is working in his favor.
Eddie RedmayneHick
RATING: 10. BEST! It's Southern, so it's like an accent on top of an accent. Bravo, Eddie. Bravo.
One Direction — "Best Song Ever"
RATING: HAHAHA. This is more of a bonus, since they're not exactly actors. We give major cred to Harry Styles, though, for his hilar portrayal.
Play 'Would You Rather?' with Sam Claflin!

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  • Erin

    LOL’d at Emma

  • Brittany

    this was awesome! so glad you did this post! …also, in case you want to do another one like this, you should do David Lyons from Revolution. didn’t even know he had an accent its so good!

  • Courtney

    I didn’t think Emma Watson’s in Perks was THAT bad…..

  • Sammy

    MAX IRONS!!!

  • julie

    I love Tom even with a bad American accent.

  • julie

    Oh how I love Tom even with a bad American accent