10 of the Most Disturbing Pieces of One Direction Fan Art

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You’ve seen the phrases that make Directioners tick. You know how One Direction fans react to the group’s music. Now, wait ’til you see the artwork that’s come out of the fandom. The pieces are just umm… a bit intense? Incredibly detailed? Occasionally inappropriate? Yeah, something along one of those lines.

Follow along as we present to you just 10 of the most disturbing — yeah, disturbing is a good word for ’em — works of “art” about 1D. (NOTE: The gallery below does NOT include any fan art about Larry Stylinson.)

Piggyback Rides

Photo: FurNation

Pack of Wolves

Photo: Deviant Art (misskarls1ashluvr)

Spin the Bottle

Photo: Tumblr (jaesama)

Gender Swap

Harry Styles

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Niall Horan


Zayn Malik

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  • mickal

    I dont even get what is wrong with the first one! The others are pretty weird :/

  • Kailey

    Lol! I love these, they’re hilarious and perfectly fit the band!

  • Brianna

    some of these are actually pretty cute….

  • none of ur buisness

    what the hell we aren’t alllll like that… you just gave another bad impression of us .. plus at least one or two were actually good

  • Lily

    Why did you do that omg now everyone is going to think that all of us are like that screw you

  • Chi

    Whether or not these are “disturbing” or not isn’t right. People didn’t put time and effort into these art pieces for this. I personally really liked at least four of these pieces of art, and i don’t even like 1D.

  • Sammy

    Oh my gosh, these are so weird!